What to do in Monaco


There is always something going on in Monaco. Whether they are internationally renowned events such as the Grand Prix, or IUM-specific events, such as the International Business Days, there will always be something to keep you busy and to allow you to live the Monaco Experience. Below you will find a table with the biggest events in Monaco, at IUM and in the surroundings. A great source of information is the Monaco Tourist Center: Visit Monaco The French area round Monaco, the famed “Côte d’Azur” or “French Riviera”, also has a lot for you to discover. Explore the Côte d’Azur.

Monaco Events IUM Events Other Events
September Yacht Show Welcome Dinner
November Monaco Fair / Sportel
December Monaco Christmas Market
January The Monte Carlo International Circus Festival
February Fête des Citrons in Menton /Nice Carnival
March International Business Days
April Top Marques /Rolex Masters /Anti-Aging /
Ocean Week
Luxury Symposium
May Historical Grand Prix /
Monaco Grand Prix
The Mark Cannes Festival
June Graduation Day Cannes Lions Festival International of creativity
July Herculis

10 good reasons to choose Monaco

  • A Sovereign State that is neutral and independent, a role model country with stable institutions
  • An accessible location and exceptional quality of life in the heart of Europe, bordering the Mediterranean basin
  • A united, welcoming and multicultural community (more than 120 nationalities living in harmony) in which English is widely spoken
  • A leisure destination with hotel and nautical infrastructures in the best traditions
  • A unique economic and social model where the absence of debt and structural budgetary balance is a long-term guarantee for the future
  • Sports, culture and festivities as part of everyday life, as well as numerous international events
  • Exemplary domestic security, both for residents and visitors , which forms one of the Government’s priorities, together with outstanding schools , social services and health care
  • A diversified and forward-looking economy , with a well-adapted taxation policy , and with a dynamic employment and consumer market that also impacts neighbouring French and Italian areas
  • An accessible, open and attentive Administration for both businesses and the public
  • A long-standing commitment to eco-responsible and sustainable development

Security in Monaco

The Principality has an uncontested image of peace and quality of life. This image is a tangible reality 365 days a year, despite the fact that special events take place all year long and that thousands of visitors and workers come here every day.

To guarantee this quality of life, almost 500 officers of the Police Department and as many video surveillance cameras contribute to this essential facet of common life. A constant presence on the ground, and close contact with the population, enable optimum security levels to be maintained which are never intrusive, guaranteeing respect for persons and property.

This haven of peace did not come about by chance. First of all, it is based on a state of mind shared by all, from the youngest age, ensuring that each person is respected and protected. It is supported at all times by the Prince’s Government, by means of a carefully tailored policy on internal security and civil protection. To achieve this, the Principality has devoted resources to patrolling its territory and protecting institutions, property and individuals.

Monaco as your campus

A journey in Monaco offers such a variety of possibilities…..

Monte-Carlo Formula 1

Monaco Yacht Show

Monaco as your campus

Monte-Carlo International Circus Festival

Monaco as your campus

Monte-Carlo Rolex Master

Monaco as your campus

Monte-Carlo Sporting Summer Festival