MSc in Luxury Management Students – Field Trip – Part 2

MSc in Luxury Management Students – Field Trip – Part 2
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From February 11th to February 16th, students from the MSc in Luxury Management program (Brand Management and Fashion & Accessories Management specialization) went to Italy to discover the Italian Luxury world.


On DAY ONE, the luxury fashion and accessories management and the brand management track students went together to Gucci to visit the worldwide logistics hub. The global production of Gucci ends in this center to be dispatched worldwide. This exclusive visit strengthens the importance of logistics for the fashion business.

During the afternoon, Dr. Tarquini organized a conference around the trendy topic of innovation hosted by Deloitte. They listened to very inspiring speeches from the Fashion Lab of Deloitte, Gellify, and Arad Digital.

Federico Barbieri ended the afternoon with a very instructive keynote speech, “The Omnichannel Mindset.”

He explained the evolution of the digital strategy in the luxury frame and how to approach it. He also suggested some ideas about the mindset needed to work in a world that is driven by digital strategy.

For the first time, this series of conferences was open to our alumni.

The day concluded with a networking cocktail, at which three generations of luxury students (alumni, current students, and prospective ones), as well as business professionals, gathered for a night of professional exchange and good laughs.

On DAY TWO, the students went together to Maison Buccellati, a historical high-jewelry and silversmithing Maison renowned for its craftsmanship and the uniqueness of its creations, to meet Mr. Bodano, the HR director. Students discovered the distinctive use of rare stones with extraordinary colors and the use of white and yellow gold.

Later, they met Angelica Pontiggia, recently appointed Head of Marketing Southeast Europe & CIfrom at Pomellatto – Kering Group. Angelica is a MSc in Luxury Management alumna and we thank her for having facilitated this fabulous visit.

The students were divided into three groups to participate in three different activities:

a. The Factory: discovering the craftsmanship of the Pomellato Goldsmiths

b. Discovery of the three different positions thanks to the expertise of a Trading specialist, an Event Manager, and a PR Manager.

c. The magical world of Gemstones: from raw material (gold) to final product (jewelry)

On DAY THREE, the students began their day with a visit of Armani Casa, thanks to the support of Gianandrea Colli, Commercial Director, MSc in Luxury Management alumnus, to discover the magic lifestyle of Armani. They visited the flagship showroom, guided by a passionate brand ambassador. They discover the artisanal touch behind each product.

Then, they had the pleasure of visiting the Armani/Silos, a fashion art space dedicated to the Armani style, and discovered the aesthetic philosophy of Giorgio Armani.

Then, the students met with Matteo Ward, the director of WRÅD, and Sara Sozzani Maino, Creative Advisor of Conde Nast Italia, at the Fondazione Sozzani.

Students had an engaging conversation about fashion sustainability that allowed them to reflect on the significant difference between simply sharing information and effectively communicating the principles of sustainability. The hosts talk about the negative impact of fast fashion, which happens mostly far from the consumer’s eyes.

They want to raise awareness and make it clear that change is still possible if all of us agree to play an active role in it.

And then the trip moved to FRANCIACORTA.


DAY 4 started with an incredible meeting with the Marketing Director, Massimiliano Cariola, at the Porsche Experience Center. They explored the values, history, and evolution of the Porsche Brand, the strategic objectives and new reference target groups, as well as the strategy and all the platforms developed by Porsche Italia to best face the upcoming challenges.

Following the meeting, they experienced the Porsche Simulator Race. What a fun experience!

Next, they headed to Ca’del Bosco, an Italian wine producer, to discover a world of wine and art. They had the chance to experience the recently created Ca’del Bosco experience.

Finally, they visited the Cantieri Riva, a recognized icon of fine Italian yachting artistry. Indeed, the famous acquarama has been created, designed, and produced for decades.

They ended in the office where Mr. Riva, company’s founder, was working: a very emotional journey to end this amazing day.

DAY 5 ended the trip and concluded with a morning visit to Pietro Beretta S.p.A., the oldest Italian company still existing. Pietro Beretta is part of the lifestyle of the UHNW individuals. They assisted in the engraving of the products using the same techniques of the Renaissance: an impressive piece of artwork!

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Updated 20 March 2024