The MSc in Finance students discover the London financial hub!

Field Trip for the MSc in Finance students
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Last week, the City of London welcomed students from the master’s in finance for a two-day discovery of the industry! 

During their time in the city, these students had the unique opportunity to interact with established companies and engage with accomplished alumni, creating an enriching and comprehensive learning experience.

Field Trip for the MSc in Finance students



The first day was very intense with the visit of MAN Group, Citywire, and Cevian.  

Students had the chance to step into the actual environments of investment banking, sales & trading, and asset management, gaining practical insights into how these sectors operate on a day-to-day basis.

“The resulting interactions not only helped them better understand the workings of financial services firms but also the possibility to ask questions about various challenges facing the different parts of the industry. We are delighted that our students in finance were given the opportunity to listen to the captains of industry and get their perspectives about the professional world they are about to enter. We wholeheartedly thank all the firms that made this week a very enriching experience for our students,” said Dr. Moscato, their Program Director.


On the second day, students listened to Salomon Sebbag – Former MD at JPMorgan in EM Trading and senior Trader/Advisor at Morgan Stanley, who talked about the industry’s possible career paths. 

Then, HSBC welcomed our students for the second part of the day for an immersion into investment banking. After a visit to HSBC done by Mr. Youness Bouzaffour, Consultant Relations Director, students met with the CEO of HSBC, Mr. Stuart White, who presented HSBC services and its strategy. 

Also, Mr. Tim Shanagher, former MD at Credit Suisse, co-head of APAC sales, EU / Head of Japan Equity Research, Japan Product & Distribution, was invited to share his insights about his career and the equity world.  

“They gained lots of valuable insights from top professionals in the field. In particular, what it takes to build a successful career in the domain they aspire to enter. They also got the opportunity to discover new job functions, company culture, and most importantly, all the people they would most like to learn from or work with in the future, mentioned Dr. Campa, professor of accounting.”

Field Trip - MSc in Finance students


On Wednesday evening, students, alumni, and professionals were invited to share a drink in a friendly atmosphere. 

“One of the trip’s highlights was the opportunity to network with IUM alumni who have established successful careers in the finance industry. These interactions offered a unique chance to gain advice, insights, and even potential mentorship from those who were once in their shoes. Over 100 IUM alumni are working in London in the finance sector – a big thank you to all of them for their time and precious advice to the students,” mentioned Viola Hillmer, Head of Alumni Relations. 

Many thanks to OMNES Education London for organizing this two-day visit for our students. 

Our deepest gratitude to the companies that welcomed our students: MAN Group, Citywire, Cevian Capital, and HSBC.

A big thank you to Salomon Sebbag – Former MD at JPMorgan in EM Trading, Ex Senior Trader/Advisor at Morgan Stanley, and Tim Shanagher – Former MD at Credit Suisse / Co-Head APAC Sales, EU / Head of Japan Equity Research / Japan Product & Distribution, for sharing your expertise and experience of the finance industry. 

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Updated 13 May 2024