It is now officially proven that lessons with practical approach are not only important but can be fun as well.

The Bachelor of Communication and Entertainment students at IUM were able to enjoy a professional’s presentation recently.
The professor of Communication, Mrs. Jauffret , invited Mr. Hübner to give a presentation about packaging this week for the “Fundamentals of Communication and Advertising” class, in order to be taught in a different way.

The class visibly enjoyed listening to an experienced representative of the international Deufol Group, Global number 1 for packaging solutions and supplementary services.

Mr. Hübner cought the student’s attention by presenting the world wide operating packaging company with passion.
Students attentively listened to explanations and appreciated having products to look at as examples, brought by Mr. Hübner and Mrs. Jauffret.
The fact that students were able to visualize packaging procedures and also bringing Ferrero’s Rocher chocolate to the class was to see how refined packaging of chocolate can be was all in all fascinating!

With an impressive smile, our teacher saw Mr. Marc Hübner making the audience immediately feel comfortable with the subject by answering to all the questions we had. Not only about the company and its philosophy but also the recipient himself that made a lasting impression on us.

Talking about his own experiences he had in the Deufol Group, Mr. Hübner showed career opportunities and presented an interesting life style that contains the possibility to live and work in China, as well as travelling around the world. With a very interesting presentation, he might soon receive several applications for internships from students of the International University of Monaco within the Deufol Group.

This first semester, BECOM students appreciated this type of presentation a lot as it was hands on and practical!

Reported by Lisa Maria HOYER, 1st year Bachelor of Communication and Entertainment Management student