International University of Monaco, MonacoHaving thoroughly researched for a program that would fit my career goals, the MSc in Luxury Retail Management at the International University of Monaco seemed to be the most attractive degree to make my professional dream a tangible reality. I was trying to find the best way to integrate into the ever so competitive luxury fashion industry… and my needs were fulfilled. This Masters confirmed my passion for the industry and deepened my knowledge of the functioning of the business that stands behind the luxury product and service: the luxury world is certainly clearer for me after this intense 10-month program at IUM.

During the year, many demanding challenges came about as the program offers excellent networking opportunities through its well-established relationships with luxury companies.

I believe one of them is particularly interesting to describe… During the month of January, Bottega Veneta got in touch with some of the IUM students within their C.O.R.E. program recruiting process. In order to “Cultivate their Retail Excellence”, Bottega Veneta developed an astonishing opportunity for graduates to join the company for a 15-month in-house training leading to a Retail position. I had the opportunity of an interview with the company at IUM, where they came for a presentation and recruiting day. The first interview set the tone: the position offered was totally in line with my career aspirations… joining the company was an absolute must!

After a few weeks, Bottega Veneta contacted me for a second interview in their headquarters in Milan. The interview was not exactly a “mere” interview, but a challenging testing at their “development center” at the end of May.

Beyond the professional purpose of my visit to Bottega Veneta’s offices in Milan, it was extremely comforting to feel the warmth and positive energy that pervades the company. This strengthened my motivation to join Bottega Veneta’s resourceful environment even more. It was important for me to feel that the company was also fostering development and growth though an effective symbiosis with all individual employees.

A well-awaited e-mail finally came after a few weeks confirming that I had been chosen to be part of their C.O.R.E. Program! This sentence was the grand finale of my year at IUM and I am now more than ready to start this new adventure, when I will join the Retail team in Milan in October before being placed in Bottega Veneta’s stores.


Written by Andrea Costa, MSc in Luxury Retail Management 2014