What is making the IUM EMBA Online so different?

In one word: Flexibility!

The IUM Online Executive MBA allows you  to fit classes into your work schedule.

How? You can customized it to your needs!

With the Monaco EMBA, you have the opportunity to follow an accelerated track of 12 months, by taking two online modules simultaneously, or extend the program by up to 36 months. In addition, if for personal or professional reasons (promotion, moving, etc.) you can adapt the intensity of your program accordingly, going from taking two online modules simultaneously to one for instance or even stop the program for a module and start again when you are more available.

IUM Executive MBA Online

The IUM Executive MBA will transform your career in ways that extend far beyond traditional measures of return on investment.

The degree you earn will position you to advance your career, and will provide added value for both you and your organization. You will improve your analytical, decision-making, implementation, and presentation skills, and develop a new way of thinking that will become second-nature.

Antonio Maly, Croatian, EMBA Online 2012
Microsoft Technical Support Specialist, Microsoft, Bulgaria

“…The Executive MBA is a very unique program designed especially for hard working executives who have limited time to attend lectures in real business life but, on the other hand, are also very well organized to finish projects on time. I can say that it really is a unique experience for every student.”


If you would like more information about our Executive MBA Program, please look on our website: www.monaco.edu
Feel free to also contact directly the Admissions Team at admissions@monaco.edu