The students of the Bachelor of Communication& Entertainment management (BECOM) Program had the tribute to welcome Mrs Annie Nissou in their class. Mrs Nissou is a French physiologist and a family therapist working at the Hospital of Nice (French Riviera). She already carries a lot of experiences with her as she has worked for over 38 years in the Unit of Medicine.

As a physiologist, she analyses the mind and the behaviour of individuals within organizations. This means studying employer/manager’s well-being within the business and reviewing their working conditions. Mrs Nissou has taught us the importance of giving a meaning to employer’s jobs and the necessity to be appreciated within the business. This will improve the internal communication and therefore, the productivity. Mrs Nissou taught the students to be very attentive of extreme changes in a worker’s attitude. This could be one of the first signs of displaying negativity in his/her professional or personal life.

The presentation of various mental states of human beings and the importance of these considerations was very useful for the students. As they are currently learning about the Fundamentals of Communication, taught by Madame JAUFFRET, internal communication portrays a valuable statement for the business as it will determine the success of the business itself.

Communication Class

As future professionals, the learners appreciated Mrs Nissou’s visit at the International University of Monaco and would be very pleased to consider new concepts within internal communication.

Reported by Monika, BSc in Communication and Event Management student