As part of the Alumni career follow up program, IUM ensures it stays up to date with the careers of its alumni students.

To this end, IUM recently met with Robert Langereis, a Dutch IUM MSc in Marketing alumnus, who is now working with Fixico as Digital Marketing Manager.

MSc in MarketingDescribe your position?

Eight months ago I was asked to become the first employee of the fast growing start-up Fixico, in the Netherlands. They have a platform (website & app) where you can upload details of your car damage, and receive quotes from repair shops in your area. Our customers save up to 30% on car repair on average, compared to traditional car repair quotes.

I was asked to set-up all digital marketing, ranging from SEO, SEA, Webanalytics, Webmarketing and Social media. This has been a tremendous challenge, as I was fresh out of IUM and had no true working experience in digital marketing. However, digital marketing wouldn’t be truly digital, if there were no answers to be found online. So, I truly learned by doing (and watching and reading a lot of tutorials online). Also, the MSc in Marketing at IUM provided me with an extensive base of marketing knowledge and frameworks that allowed me to make it happen and succeed; since my arrival, we have attained a month-by-month growth of 20%, both in revenue and customers.

Why have you chosen this IUM MSc in Marketing program at the time?

“There is no marketing without digital”. This is what I wrote in my admission letter to IUM. Back then, I was talking about “in the future”, I now realize this was not correct. There is no marketing without digital right now. Every marketeer (manager/entrepreneur), at this very moment, has to be aware of the digital possibilities and threats that occur through digital and online marketing. I see only opportunities, and I wanted to learn about the future and not the past of marketing. That’s why I chose the MSc in Marketing at IUM.

Which skills or experience did you acquire at IUM that are useful in your current job and in the industry you are working in?

I believe that the major outlines and strategies used for traditional marketing are still valid for digital marketing. However, digital requires marketeers to think even more “outside the box”. At IUM, creativity is highly valued. And as a marketing specialist, in my opinion, this is how you can differentiate. You can learn all the frameworks in the world, do your SWOT analysis and know Kotler and Armstrong by heart, but this doesn’t make you a good marketeer. It is thinking creatively and differently, doing something new, inspiring, sizzling and awesome. Because, in the end, that’s what it’s all about: adding unique selling points to products and services through creative marketing. IUM taught me this!

Why would you recommend the program you did to a professional?

I would recommend the MSc in Marketing at IUM, because it offers top quality education, from brilliant professors, who all have an extensive level of hands-on marketing experience. I made some very good friends, learned and saw a lot and was pushed to the limits to challenge my knowledge of marketing.

How do you see yourself in 5, 10 years time?

In 10 years I see myself as a digital marketing manager of a country (or region) at an international brand, or Head of Digital Marketing at a strategic media bureau.

What type of advice would you give to students who would like to enter the industry you are working in?

I would advise them to start “doing” as soon as possible. Marketing is learning by doing. You can stare at books and frameworks all you want, but it’s not marketing. In the end, you are in the field of psychology. A cat video may go viral one day and might not the next. That’s what makes marketing exciting, and scary. But don’t hit yourself over the head, sometimes things don’t go the way you wanted or predicted it to go. No matter how strong the hypothesis. In the end you work with people, and they never act in a truly predictable way. That’s the scary thing about marketing: you will fail sooner rather than later. Learn from it! Write down what you believe went wrong, and move on!

What is your favorite quote?

“People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it” – Simon Sinek

What is your favorite book?

Management: The Experience Economy – B. Joseph Pine | Leisure: Harry Potter 🙂


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