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Gaurav Talokar, Indian, one of our students in the MSc in Finance program, prepares himself for a world-class career in international finance.

MSc in Finance in Monaco - Gaurav TalokarHow did you come about the idea of studying abroad?

During my bachelor’s degree in India, I got fascinated with the education system in the US and decided to pursue my masters from there. Having graduated from an international university and working for four years in the United States, exposed me to a multicultural background. Being a person with a great interest in different cultures, I felt at ease choosing Europe as my next destination for further studies.

Why did you choose Monaco, IUM, and this program?

The finance world is vast, and in this competitive environment, I feel it is essential to have a specialization and build specific skills in most popular and in-demand areas. IUM has a unique multicultural community striving to achieve a higher goal, and being a part of that student community to me, felt like a great opportunity.

The MSc in Finance program at IUM is designed to keep a person at the top of the finance world and provide ample exposure to the real-world dynamics of the finance industry.

The program proposes two specialization tracks, which offers a great combination of quantitative and qualitative studies. Moreover, classes are taught by professional experts in the field who prepare us for a challenging career in the financial service industry. Also, with around 80+ financial institutions and over 100+ family offices, Monaco offers a great career opportunity.  

What are your key takeaways from this program?

The core course modules are designed to build the basic foundations necessary in the financial industry and the specialization courses to hone your skills in specific areas.

In class, the theory is always backed up with real-world practical examples and projects.

One of the best advantages of this program is its small class size. It helps create a high level of interaction between students and teachers.

The guest lectures and coveted speakers from the finance industry provide insights into the recent industry trends, which helps students comprehend what is happening in the finance industry at this point.

Being a CFA affiliated school, I think the coursework is structured in a way to get us, students, fully prepared for the CFA exam. I was able to participate in the CFA Research Challenge Competition team, and it was the most beautiful experience to apply my learnings in the real-world scenario.

What are your plans for the future? And what advice would you give to people who decide to do this Master? 

I am looking for opportunities in an asset management company.

My advice to a person wishing to pursue this Master’s program would be to take advantage of this dynamic, career-oriented, and industry-focused program. The program itself is a unique experience. It goes beyond academics, develops your fundamentals, prepares you for industry, and shapes your career while giving you great exposure to real-world problems.  Work hard and cherish every moment.


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