IUM actively encourages innovative and responsible business initiatives.

Our MBA program enables our students to develop an entrepreneurial spirit, integrate innovation into their core business activities, develop responsible business models or consolidate their start-up.

We are proud to welcome every year experienced, mature and globally-minded participants who want to make a difference like Mihai Ivascu, MBA 2014.

MBA Entrepreneurship - Mihai IvascuWhen Mihai joined the Monaco MBA, he was already a budding entrepreneur, having created companies in the fields of digital media and IT services– Ingenium Media and Ingenium Software—established across Europe.

While doing his MBA here, he was introduced to the still nascent Fintech and Blockchain technologies. And, like any successful entrepreneur, Mihai was quick to spot the business opportunities there.

Not one to miss an opportunity, he launched his Fintech company, MoneyMailMe, during his MBA. He not only had the support of his professors, but also of several local investors who had been introduced to him by IUM. Amongst its unique features, MoneyMailMe allowed individuals to digitally transfer small amounts of money without incurring the banking fees that are frequently superior to sum itself.

MoneyMailMe was also Mihai’s final MBA project, which he successfully presented before a jury of IUM professors, local entrepreneurs, business angels and venture capital investors. In fact, its first round of funding was raised amongst this audience. These “IUM stakeholders” continued to support Mihai in the year following his MBA. 

The success of MoneymailMe encouraged Mihail to create MODEX Tech,  the world’s first DApp Store, a Smart Contract Marketplace and app ecosystem that allows for easy, user friendly access to crypto-currencies and smart contracts based on Blockchain technologies.

Today, across various media channels, conferences, and think-tank forums, Mihai is representative of this new and young generation of Fintech and Blockchain entrepreneurs who are disrupting traditional, financial business models by making financial transactions more accessible, affordable, and transparent for everyone. In interviews and speeches, Mihai recognizes the value of having done his MBA at IUM, and in particular the role of IUM’s faculty, and of its stakeholder network, in contributing to his success.

We consider Mihai an outstanding example of our MBA program’s entrepreneurial approach and spirit, and of IUM’s continuous links to, and support of, our Alumni community.


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