The first part of the Career Development Seminar is focusing on assessments.

Various exercises in class enables the MBAs to receive feedback from External Executives invited to join the session, feedback from their peers that is compared with their own assessments.

Making a list of all your competences is easy, but choosing the ones that differentiate yourself from your competition is much harder. Assessing the MBAs from various angles helps them hone the message and the value they propose.

For this purpose, Caroline Frisenberg, the MBA Career Coach, invited Mrs. Lunde to give feedbacks to the MBAs on competencies such as communication, business knowledge, analysis, time management, results orientation, innovation, problem solving and team work.

“The group exercise is designed to assess how effective students are at working in a team, communicating, showing leadership and problem solving.
Many companies are using similar exercises to assess potential new recruits and it is essential that students approach the group exercise as you would in a real life situation.” said Mrs. Lunde

According to her experience, this type of assessment is really important because results orientation, communication, and interpersonal relations are the three main qualities of a leader.

MBA Assessment Day - Beathe-Jeanette LundeBeathe-Jeanette Lunde is a senior executive who knows, from experience, how to understand human behaviour with the experience of the world of work to attain effective and sustainable performance for both individuals and companies. With over 26 years as a leader in the leisure, travel and hospitality industry, she has worked and lived in Norway, Denmark, United Kingdom, Belgium, France and the USA. She was appointed Managing Director at age 33 and Vice President at age 34. As Head of HR, she founded an award winning Business School and a Mentor-Mentee program, achieving 95% internal promotion of General Managers. As Vice President Franchise Operations, she was instrumental in the launch and initial growth of a successful mid market brand opening 23 hotels in 5 countries in 1 year. As Senior Vice President, she managed 80 Franchise business units, Corporate Social Responsibility, Safety and Security as well as the Human Resources function. Ms. Lunde was selected to accelerate the integration and alignment of an American and European company, a USD 7.8 billion business with 150,000 employees. As Executive Vice President she oversaw the areas of Human Resources, People Development, Responsible Business, Communication and Safety & Security, based in the USA. Her second career brought her to the International University of Monaco as Adjunct Professor of MSc Luxury Management and MBA career coach at EDHEC Business School. She is actively involved in a Professional Women’s Network and is President of The American Club of the French Riviera. 

In addition, the session also covers how to write a compelling CV and Cover Letter. Either for a very specific industry where you need to use the right industry jargon, alternatively keeping the language broad to open up for opportunities in various fields.


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