IUM students meet Ingo Steffgen, former IUM MA in Sustainable Peace through Sport student and new Managing Director of World at Play. 

On February 24th, IUM students and faculty had the pleasure to host Mr. Ingo Steffgen, the recently appointed Managing Director at World at Play. Ingo, a fan of triathlon and experienced actor in the field of Sport for Development Program (SDP), spent about an hour discussing and exchanging with students about his work at World at Play (a Wales-based organization that seeks to empower youth through sport and play), recent developments, career opportunities, outlook, and challenges that characterize the SDP sector.

World at Play

Among the audience, Bruno (IUM alumnus), Fidel, Jenna, and Reinalda (students enrolled in the MA in Sustainable Peace through Sport program) along with Ralph (Senior Lecturer at the IAAF) and other participants were all very keen to know about the functioning of World at Play and opportunities that give the sport and peace worlds.

Ingo started his presentation by providing the audience with an historical perspective of the SDP sector. This was important for students to understand how SDP has evolved since colonial times, then post-World War II and its role in today’s mega-events and small dedicated development programs. Despite global acceptance of SDP initiatives, Ingo explained that, because there is no empirical evidence yet of the benefits of SDP, the sector suffers somehow from being fragmented as organizations tend to act in isolation. Ingo then presented the main categories of organizations that participate in sport and peace development initiatives, his organization World at Play, and his current preparation for an expedition to the Balkans.

In the second half of his presentation, Ingo provided students with an open and honest vision of the SDP sector. Ingo explained that opportunities are virtually limitless as organizations always need volunteers and more and more talents who understand how to manage an organization in terms of strategy, operations, finance, fund-raising, human resources, and communications. Opportunities exist in NGOs, sport federations, sport event & communication companies, or CSR departments of large companies. Lastly, Ingo reminded students about the challenges that faces the sector and proposed ideas to avoid pitfalls.

MA in Sustainable Peace through SportIngo is a business-minded, entrepreneurial self-starter, who holds international graduate degrees in business management and sustainable development. He seeks to facilitate cross-sector partnerships by utilizing more than 10 years of professional experience in multinationals and by leveraging insights from not-for-profit projects.

In collaboration with the World at Play community, Ingo provides the means for knowledge exchange to support the social missions of their partners. Ingo does so by notably facilitating increased individual and corporate voluntarism, locally as well as internationally, and utilizing a decade of expedition expertise to deliver activities on-site and train partner staff members for the benefit of the ones in need.

Ingo will complete his MA in Sustainable Peace through Sport from IUM in Spring 2014. 


The IUM Community would like to sincerely thank Ingo for his time and professionalism.


Reporting from Monaco, Lecturer Moïse LOUISY-LOUIS


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