Some of our MBA students joined the festivity of St. Devote to learn more about the Monegasque culture and one of the most emblematic traditions of the Principality.

Monaco, 27 Jan 2020 – Like every year, last Sunday the celebration of Saint Devote, Patroness of Monaco, took place in La Condamine gathering a multitude of Monegasque and residents to be part of this very emblematic event. Their HH.SS.HH. The Prince Sovereign, Princess Charlene, and their children participated in the burning of the traditional boat.

According to the legend, Devota (Devote), a young Christian native of Corsica was martyred by the prefect Barbarus under Emperors Diocletian and Maximilian in the year 303 or 304. Her body, stolen the following night by faithful people, was put on a boat, brought to Monaco and buried in a chapel of the valley near the port, on the 27th of January of the same year.  Under Honoré II, in the XVII century, Sainte Devote became patroness of Monaco.

This year, some of our MBA students joined the celebrations, interested to learn more about the traditions and the culture of the Principality. Lauren Coles from the United States, José Semerdjan from Lebanon, Juan Dávila from Argentina, among others, shared their impressions about their first time at St. Devote.


´Everybody associates Monaco with luxury and sophisticated events, but St. Devote is the perfect example that students coming to the Principality have a lot more to learn more during their experience here. ´ – Lauren Coles

´I think that is very important that during our time studying in Monaco we learn as much as we can about the unique culture and traditions of the Principality, which are fundamental to understand how this country has resiliently adapted and survived through the centuries.´ – Juan Dávila

Written by Juan Dávila, MBA 2020