International University of Monaco

On May 31st, Dr Marie-Cécile Cervellon gave a talk on “The Challenges of Sustainability in the Luxury industry” to the Belgium delegation of the International JCI Conference in Monaco. The Belgium delegation was the second in number with 389 participants present in Monaco during the event. Dr Cervellon illustrated her talk with examples from major players (LVMH, PPR/Kering, Richemont), as well as smaller and innovative businesses (MCM design studio). She also mentioned the high commitment of the Principality of Monaco in sustainable development, and, among others, the engagement of Monaco luxury hospitality sector through adherence to strict CSR policies.


Marika TaishoffThe same day, Dr. Marika Taishoff, Director of the Master in Business Administration (MBA) at IUM, was also invited to give a workshop during the international JCI Convention. Over 2700 young entrepreneurs and professionals from across Europe came to Monaco for this special event. The title of Dr. Taishoff’s speech was From Managing Customer Satisfaction to Creating Customer Experiences: the Role of Services in Delivering Competitive AdvantageIn her presentation, Dr. Taishoff addressed the importance of designing, delivering and supporting high quality services—especially, but not only, in the luxury environment. Using myriad examples from a wide spectrum of industries and countries, she elaborated on such themes as the characteristics of high quality services; the challenges of innovative service design; the critical role of people management, in terms of selection, training, and motivation in successful service delivery; and the impact of corporate culture on creating and maintaining service excellence. By the end of the workshop, participants understood why high quality services are fundamental to creating an authentic customer orientation, and that, in turn, customer orientation is imperative in today’s hypercompetitive market environment.