Reporting from Monaco, Professor Moïse LOUISY-LOUIS

On March 16, students enrolled at the International School of Monaco (ISM) and at the International University of Monaco (IUM) gathered in Stadium Louis II for good reasons. IUM students managed a training session based on various running, jumping and throwing drills in which ISM students participated with great enthusiasm.

In order to fulfill their program’s academic requirements, IUM students enrolled in the Master in Sustainable Peace through Sport (MSPS) and the Master in Sport Business Management (MSBM) are introduced to coaching fundamentals. Under the supervision of IAAF Senior Lecturer, Ralph Mouchbahani, students had the opportunity to discuss various topics including best practices, biomechanics, injuries, recovery, and training of young participants in particular.

Shortly after a brief introduction and discussion about the goals of the training session, IUM students split in pairs in order to set up the various exercises. For example, students set up a throwing area, a pole vault initiation area, or sprinting and slaloming area. In the meantime, Hossam gathered ISM students for a fun and useful warm-up session.





For about 45 min, ISM students eagerly played the game and took part of the various drills. Students split in small groups and spent about 10 min practicing each drill before competing into two teams. ISM students, aged 15 on average, have alternatively thrown the javelin (in fact a safer version made of foam), pole vaulted, run and raced. The session took place under the supervision of ISM and IUM instructors, Mrs. Blackburn (former Olympian for the UK national team) and Mr. Mouchbahani.

The IUM Community would like to sincerely thank Caroline and colleagues at ISM, ISM participants, Ralph, and Jean Burle (Direction de l’Education Nationale) for their positive attitude, time and professionalism. We hope that ISM and IUM students will gather again in the future to grow, learn, and have fun in the context of sport, educational, cultural or artistic events.