As part of their curriculum, bachelor students apply what they have learned in class by doing an internship.

Bachelor in Business AdministrationFilippo Pierotti, Bachelor in Business Administration student, is currently doing his internship at Venturi Automobiles in Monaco as Sponsorship Development Assistant.

Working closely with the commercial team, he generates new sponsorships, follows up on leads, negociates sponsorship packages, and recommends potential sponsors for sponsorship campaigns. He also coordinates delivery of benefits to sponsors for Venturi Formula E Team.

As part of his intership, he was invited to speak about the opportunities coming out from the electric mobility environment and Formula E.

In collaboration with Dallara, chassis manufacturer for various motor racing series (Formula E too) and its marketing director, Gianmarco Beltrami, we participated to the BNL- BNP Paribas private event on innovation & sustainability in April.

I spoke about “Electrification: our future mobility and why it is worth to invest in” after the CEO of BNL-BNP Paribas, Andrea Munari. I was honored to discuss and share points of view about this interesting topic.

I believe this internship offers great opportunities to build a strong network. Motorsport is definitely a challenging and very exciting environment.


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