On the 7th of January 2013, the International University of Monaco decided that it would introduce the concept of a Junior Enterprise (A student body, getting the chance to work with professionals in the everyday working life).

Students are given the opportunity to work hand in hand with companies, which enables the students to show and improve skills like creativity, responsibility and commitment when performing for the first time in a real business environment. Companies also benefit from working with IJEM.  By supporting young people achieve their future goals, they receive a quality product encompassing international point of views, new ideas thanks to fresh university knowledge, and support from their world -class professors.

We are an international and multicultural team with young and motivated students who are talented in many different areas. We are able to communicate in more than 11 languages and we are proud to share specific business knowledge from over 8 countries.

IUM International Junior Enterprise of Monaco

The International University of Monaco and the Junior Enterprise would be proud to make you part of this project.

Reported by Anna Lauffer, CEO and current IUM Undergraduate Student (BSBA)