‘Behind the Screen’ Challenges & Opportunities

Distance Learning Behind the ScreenThe many challenges posed in higher education and traditional learning by the outbreak of coronavirus has demanded that students, professors, administration, and management of universities adapt quickly to a new educational reality. What is apparent to most of the students and their environment is the transition of traditional in-class learning to online and distance learning mode, ‘overnight’. However, what is not so apparent are the challenges ‘behind the screen’ that came with this transition.

Maintaining the Same Learning Quality

To learn and adopt new tools and technology in order to transfer courses in the virtual environment, maintaining at the same time the quality, learning objectives, and the personal ‘touch’ in the learning experience, is not an easy task, especially without prior experience on online teaching.

It comes with a lot of collective effort and back up support for all faculty to become familiar with the technical aspects of sharing online content, but also to adapt the content, the schedule and the assessment of the courses to the online environment and the different time zones, while trying at the same time to enhance the ‘online student experience’.

Sharing Experiences & Best Practices

In an effort to achieve this at IUM, a set of different teams of colleagues was created, to support, guide, and share experiences with each other, with the aim to implement the best practices in this process. This is a continuous process with program directors, module coordinators, professors, admin, and IT support having regular interactions to ensure the smooth operation of the courses online.

Innovation and creativity!

So a warm ‘thank you’ needs to be said to each and every person ‘behind the screen’, especially to all colleagues who regardless of personal challenges that come with times like this, they put their best efforts to ensure high-quality teaching for IUM students. This is a learning curve for all of us, and hopefully, out of this unprecedented and challenging situation, we will all come out with more innovative and creative ways to enhance the learning process in the future and work ‘closer’ in this ‘social distancing’ times.

By Anastasia Stathopoulou, Professor of Marketing 


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