Since last year, students of the MSc in Luxury Management program can attend a specific class about jewels and diamonds!

This year, fourteen students choose this elective about jewels and diamonds to acquire specific knowledge to work in this fascinating industry after their master. IUM believes that the luxury industry needs people understanding the reality of business. Today everything is about experience. The time you spend at the master is a preparation for what you will face in the workplace.

Diamonds elective - Mc in Luxury ManagementMaster students had the pleasure of being bestowed with the expertise of the Maison Vitale, which is owned and run by Alberto Vitale in the fourth generation since 1913. Alberto Vitale’s passion and unconditional love for diamonds was highly noticeable, which prevailed the course, spilled over to the students and sparked a fire among them – in fact the diamond fever flared.
We dipped into different thematic areas covering questions like “How are diamonds formed?”, “What are diamonds made of?”, appertaining to the topic to what criteria a diamond can be evaluated regarding the 4 C’s, viz. cut, clarity, color and carat. After immersing into the world of diamonds from a theoretical point of view, we had the honor of examining sparkling diamonds and gemstones in the atelier of Maison Vitale. From that moment on, we needed to confess that a diamond represents more than a sparkling stone which makes the dream of engaging people come true, for the purpose of considering the diamond as a miracle of nature. Here, I would like to express my deep appreciation towards Giulia Rastello, a specialized GIA gemologist who is equipped with an incredible wealth of experience, delivering us an astonishing inside into the world of diamonds and gemstones.
Moreover, I can state with great conviction in the name of all students involved that the endeavor, devotion and professionalism of Alberto Vitale and Giulia Rastello deserve the highest appreciation and I just can enthusiastically applaud to them. My final word is a heartfelt appeal to both of you, Alberto Vitale and Giulia Rastello, as we know diamonds have written their own history, they will outlast us, the earth and maybe the universe, however, they will never be forgotten like we will never forget this outstanding course.
Daniel Nägel

From last year two students, who took that completely tailored course, are now working in the industry: Arianna Alessio who works in Pomellato in London and Ana Botanovic who works in Piaget in Monaco.
Diamonds elective - MSc in Luxury Management


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