In a couple of weeks, our DBA study goes in the next round.

You, as a potential candidate, might wonder, what you can expect.

Our learning journey outlines the three DBA years and provides you an overview.

In times of design thinking and user experience comparing a DBA study with a “learning journey” is commonplace. Our DBA learning journey allows DBA candidates to get a quick overview of the general structure of the study with a concurrent deep dive into the specific contents of each semester/year. This helps them plan ahead.

In general, each academic year consists of two compulsory residential weeks that take place in November and June in Monaco, London or Geneva. In each residential week, DBA candidates experience a mixture of courses, business insights, and socializing events. Between residential weeks, students participate in Online courses (only in the first year) and work on their individual research projects with the support of their supervisors.

More specifically, the first year builds the foundation of the research, where DBA candidates get equipped with the right tools and contents to translate a managerial problem into an academic one and to write an in-depth literature review. Philosophy of Science, Introduction to Qualitative and Quantitative Research, and Formulating Interesting Research Questions amongst others are major courses in this first year.

The second-year focuses on advanced methods (qualitative & quantitative) to design and conduct the required empirical research. DBA candidates need to get their research projects accepted in order to proceed with their studies. Ideally, students work on their conference paper, which needs to be presented at a conference. Courses like academic writing, the theory of the firm, or leadership styles complete the content of the second year.

Finally, the third year supports DBA candidates in the finalization of the research project. Together with their supervisors, DBA students work on and submit their journal publication, which must not be desk-rejected. Courses like personal coaching, trends in finance, compassion at work, gender issues in governance, or professional writing provide insights into various business fields and support various skills of DBA candidates. The presentation of the synopsis and a subsequent feedback session allows refining the work before it will be sent out for external evaluation. The DBA study ends with the successful DBA Defense taking place in Monaco.

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