After the Christmas Break, January heralds the beginning of the Corporate Projects for the Master students.

Corporate Projects TeamsThese corporate projects, worth three credits and so equivalent to one full course, give students the opportunity to apply the theories and tools they have learned in the classroom to actual situations faced by organizations both in Monaco and further afield. Needless to say, each year’s projects are different, as they are based on the needs and challenges faced by different enterprises across a variety of sectors. Last year’s MSc in Luxury Management Class of 2015 had the opportunity of working on a very diverse set of Corporate Projects for several companies.


For instance:

  • Two groups of MSc in Luxury Management, Hospitality specialization, focused on analyzing and giving recommendations about the social media and digital strategy for Fraser Yacht
  • Two other team of the MSc in Luxury Management, Goods & Services and Retail specialization, worked with the CRM Department of Ermenegildo Zegna.



MSc Luxury Management Corporate Projects“The Zegna Corporate Project has been an incredible opportunity for the students at IUM, since it has given us the chance to collaborate with a great company such as Zegna on contributing to enhance and bring innovative ideas to their CRM program.

At the beginning, it was very challenging because it involved a lot of research on the field, especially in terms of mystery shopping and in-depth interviews performed. Furthermore, all groups pushed themselves to find a real concrete point of improvement on which to work on and to implement new ideas.

However, thanks to great teamwork and dedication, we managed to deliver a consistent and feasible idea to the Zegna CRM management, which for sure has found from all group presentations some creative ideas that they might implement in the future.

In conclusion, participating to this project was a very important and rewarding experience for all of us. The challenge provided by Zegna enabled us to put to work all our knowledge we acquired during the Master in Luxury Management at IUM and it proved to be a great professional test from which all of us will benefit.”

Gian Piero Mazzilli, MSc in Luxury Management, Goods & Services specialization 2016


These Corporate Consulting Projects are also very appreciated by the companies.


“We had the opportunity to work with IUM students for their Corporate Project in the spring of 2015. The project brief was challenging but every group put forth their best effort and enthusiasm to deliver a great group of final presentations.

The insights provided by the students, both from research and from their own creative input, proved valuable for our objective and have stimulated internal discussions and additional ideas. Plus, working with the students was truly a pleasure!”

The Ermenegildo Zegna – CRM Department

Fraser Yatcht Corporate Projects“We were recently approached by the International University of Monaco to part take in a corporate project with the students reading Luxury Leisure (MA) at the IUM.

 Fraser Yachts has had a long standing relationship with the University over the years, however this was my first experience.

 Working with and helping young people is a fun and rewarding experience. In this particular instance the outcome also proved to be very useful for us on very practical level as well.”

Vassilis Fotilas, Commercial Director, Fraser Worldwide S.A.M.

“The University of Monaco first contacted Edmiston Yacht Management in Spring 2015 with a proposal to become involved with a ‘Corporate Learning Project’. For Edmiston Yacht Management, we feel that our costs were limited to just our time; time to consider the project, prepare and deliver the initial presentation and to attend a study session and final presentation. 

In return for this we feel we were provided with the following:

  • The incentive to focus on and frame a project which is key to our organizational growth in the future
  • Active engagement with a professional and enthusiastic group of young people who have the ability to grow and contribute to the yachting industry now and in the future
  • Fresh eyes and ideas on our perceived goals and challenges
  • Access to research facts and figures from within the industry but beyond our organization

We hope to continue our working relationship with the university and I have already started to think about possible themes and topics for the next corporate project.”

Helen Forward, Performance and Development Manager, Edmiston Yacht Management


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