For a business school, redesigning and adjusting its training programs to meet the employment market’s rapidly evolving needs when it comes to new recruits is an ongoing challenge. It requires discussions, initiatives and a shared vision with key players in each industry. This approach is at the core of the International University of Monaco’s strategy.

To this end, in 2014, the International University of Monaco and Barclays Private Bank have established a partnership aimed at creating synergies between both institutions, even beyond Monaco’s borders.

Barclays Next Generation dayAs part of this partnership, on April 5th, Barclays Monaco team has welcomed twenty-six students from the Msc in Finance program to participate to the « Next Generation Day », a discovery of the capital markets and a dialogue with financial specialists from the main Barclays Private Bank in Monaco.

The day was introduced by Mr. Kamran DjavadiEMEA Head of Business Delivery and Control. Then, Ms. Annabelle Stewart, Head of Business Transformation, shared employment market’s needs and insights about career opportunities in finance with the students.

On the morning, they attended two conferences. During the first one, Mr. Henk Potts, Barclays Global Investment Strategist, shared his insights on the 2018 global economy and forecasts. During the second part of the morning, Sir Stelios, emphasized the role of philanthropy in general and how it could support economic growth in particular.

“The Barclays Next Generation day provides a unique insight into the business of Barclays internationally and especially in Monaco. Throughout the day Barclays had tailor-made an exciting program combining practical information on their business, industry insight as well as including motivational speakers throughout the day.” Benjamin Silverstone, Danish

In the afternoon, the MSc in Finance students participated to an « Investment simulation competition» created by Barclays’ investment teams. This immersive practice raised students’ awareness about the necessity to build a structured and responsible approach to investing, including geopolitical and monetary impacts.

Thank you for the wonderful experience you have provided to the entire MSc. Finance team. The Investment game was challenging and interesting. The chance to adjust your investments with only such brief information and taking advantage of the market in a short time made us think about everything we have learned and how we need to be sharp in our approach in dealing with client’s investments.” 

To end the day, an award ceremony and reception took place in the unique setting of Barclays’ Monaco safe deposit room, in the presence of government representatives, managers of both institutions and local press.

“I would like to express my gratitude and appreciation to the organisers of the Barclays Day. The event was really interesting and the closing was amazing. All the Barclays employees were very helpful and kind. I am sure that – as it was promised – we will long remember for this event.” 


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