Bachelor student: Lambert DiaconoInterview with Bachelor student, Lambert Diacono

Last week, we met with Lambert Diacono, an IUM student enrolled in the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. This bright young man, born in France is a professional basketball player with the AS Monaco team. Born in Nice, he moved to Villeurbanne to study and learn basketball in the prestigious training center of Villeurbanne. He played with the Pro A Villeurbanne team. He then decided to return to the area to play with the AS Monaco Basketball team.

Why did you choose to study at IUM?

Mainly because I have signed a contract with the AS Monaco Basketball team. Since I wanted to continue my studies, I looked into different schools in the area. Initially, I was really undecided with the course of study I wanted to pursue. Then after visiting the school and meeting both with the professors and students I was convinced of my choice, which I do not regret at all: a varied and interesting curriculum, flexible schedule and personal attention are really convenient for me.

What is the best thing about your program of study?

I appreciate the small class size. It gives me the opportunity to ask questions and to interact with the professors easily. Also, when I miss some classes due to my professional life, it’s easy to ask classmates for updates or professors for explanations. I find our professors approachable and available, especially for my particular circumstances, they are aware of my situation and they do their best to accommodate my personal situation.

I have also discovered a passion for finance…which was not expected at all but I think I have found my career path.

As a professional basketball player, how do you cope with your tight schedule?

My young career has already taught me to be organized; the importance and the difficulty of working in team and, I think, made me more mature. I don’t find it that difficult to deal with training and courses, and matches on the weekend. I’ve learnt how to behave in a professional manner in any circumstances.

Bachelor student: Lambert Diacono

What would you say to potential students who are thinking of joining IUM?

Make the most of your time at IUM, take advantages of all the opportunities given to students: conferences, career development, sport activities, networking events. Open your eyes, keep your mind alive, learn from others from other countries/cultures to differentiate yourself on the job market.

What are your plans after graduating?

I have planned to do an MSc in Finance. I will not pursue a career in basketball as I would like to work for a financial institution.

What is the best thing about being an IUM student?

Meeting people from all around the world, sharing knowledge/culture/differences. I appreciate being part of a small knit community, to have the opportunity to make real friends and build friendships that will last a lifetime.


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