Armillion Corporate project is an opportunity to apply the theories and tools students have learned in the classroom to actual and real situations.

Armillion, a very exclusive corporate project

This year the MSc in Marketing of Luxury Goods and Services students focus on Armillion, a Swiss company that created the first ultra luxury contactless device, a jewel that fuses functionality, exclusivity and luxury like never before. Students have to develop an integrated communication media planning to launch their innovative and exclusive product.Armillion Corporate Project

For this project, they work in team with the MSc in Luxury Marketing students from CREA Geneve.

January 15th: International University of Monaco (IUM) met with CREA Geneve students

The week started with the brand and product presentation from Carlos Z Belsué, co-founder and CEO of Armillion Genève.

“Armillion is targeting a very niche population however is willing to create “buzz” and a “big-bang” launch” explained Mr. Belsué.

After 15 years experience on IT industry and Luxury Markets, Carlos is leading the outstanding craftsmanship of a team of jewelers, artisans, engineers and designers committed to perfection, bringing to life a flawless bracelet that features cutting edge technology in contactless payment services and security access for supercars and stunning homes.

Armillion Corporate Project

During this week, they also attended a class called “How to kick-off the brand and its innovative product online, all channels?” by Philippe Deltenre, IUM visiting professor of digital strategy, and Strategic Director, UM, Division of IPG Mediabrands.

Philippe also guides them within this very exciting project.

The first stages were the analysis of the brand and its history. A deeper analysis was then conducted to understand the customer base, the actual and potential Armillion purchasers.

After the first meeting with all the groups we discovered how differently we were thinking: many of us followed a more creative approach, others were keener to develop a strategy that was using existing brand codes. The comparison among all our ideas was exciting, we challenged ourselves and we shared opinions. Suddenly we started looking at the same problem from another point of view: we were part of the company and the plan we had to suggest needed to be concrete and applicable.

March 19th: Final presentation in Monaco

In March, CREA Geneve students will come to Monaco to present their recommendations with their fellow colleagues from IUM in front of Armillion team.

Corporate projects are an essential component for the Master in Marketing of Luxury Goods and Services. It offers students the opportunity to work on concrete projects, sourced by companies, and to have them actively involved in strategic decision-making and recommendations to specific corporate opportunities, challenges and issues.
Moreover, the strategies that are recommended are constrained by financial considerations. Students apply what they have learned in class, as well as critical thinking skills. They also learn strategy formulation & implementation. Finally they are trained for project management & team working skills.


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