On the eve of the COP21 climate change conference in Paris, the International University of Monaco hosted two guest lectures by Monaco-based photographer Edward Wright.

He introduced the students from the undergraduate Sustainable Development class to “Project 2041”.

Antarctica 2041

In the year 2041, the Protocol on Environmental Protection to the Antarctic Treaty could potentially be modified or amended to allow countries to start using the natural resources available on this still pristine continent. The aim of “Project 2041” is to work towards the continuing protection of the Antarctic Treaty so that the last great wilderness on earth is never exploited.

Ed Wright showed the students his gorgeous pictures from the 2015 International Antarctic Expedition where he unfortunately witnessed not only the stunning beauty of Antarctica, but also the effects of temperature rise on this icy and remote continent. He told them about the Robert Swan “Leadership on the Edge” program, which brings together people from across the globe to debate, discuss and determine firsthand the effects of climate change. He also shared the amazing team work experience that the expedition represented, as he got to collaborate with people from a dozen different countries all working on creating change in their families, companies, and countries, while engaging and inspiring the next generation of leaders to take responsibility to build resilient communities and preserve the environment.

Reported by Prof. Damyana Bakardzhieva

CSR Advisor and Professor of Economics and Sustainable Development


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