You may have your best study experience in Monaco for instance!

Deciding where to study abroad is definitely a complicated decision in life.  You have to decide which university and which program is the best for you. But besides all that, it is also important to choose the right city to live in!

Of course, big metropolises such as Berlin, Paris or London might come first to your mind when thinking about great cities to study in Europe, but small cities have their own advantages.

1. Get the real taste of the local culture

A small city makes it easier for you to experience the local culture and learn the language. Outside the university, you may easily practice the language of the country with local people in shops or restaurants. That’s a great opportunity to personally develop yourself by overcoming the challenges you will encounter when you are trying to adapt to a new language, culture, and environment.

Getting out of your comfort zone is one of the best experiences you can have during your studies abroad. Along the way, you can also build up great friendships with the locals!

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2. Receive more personal attention from the university staff

Small student cities often mean a smaller number of students enrolled at the university, which eventually leads to receiving personalized attention. Universities will have better staff to student ratio, allowing for a more interactive educational experience, which often means having your own tutor who will support you and offer advice during your entire study period.

3. Always a chance to visit the rest of Europe

From almost anywhere in Europe, you will be able to visit other big cities easily.

For instance, Monaco is definitely an accessible location in the heart of Europe, with an exceptional quality of life. London, Paris, Madrid, Milan or Munich are reachable in around 2 hours by plane.

4. Easy to mingle and meet people from new cultures

It’s incredibly exciting and interesting to discover all the little funny and maybe not so well-known details about other countries and traditions. You will have the chance to have your mind blown away and to discover things that you know nothing about. Most importantly, you will also make friends in the process and have awesome experiences with them, which is one of the best things you can do in life, after all.

As an example, Monaco is very cosmopolitan, with around 125 different nationalities. And it is therefore easy to adjust since people are used to foreigners like you. You will meet other internationals, maybe even from your own country.

Monaco Experience

So, where to go?

The final decision on choosing between a big or a small city is of course still up to you and based on your individual opportunities and preferences! However, you should keep your eyes open and check all your options!


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