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Meet with Vishal Bamalwa, MSc in Luxury Management 2014, a Successful Indian Entrepreneur.

After completing an MSc in Luxury Management, Retail specialization in 2014 at IUM, Vishal wanted to create a brand that could be exported to India.

Vishal founded Santieb’s in October 2017. Santieb’s that is loosely based on his mother’s name, Santosh, is aimed to revolutionize the concept of bespoke perfumes in India.

“The idea was to create perfumes that are niche and reflect a fine amalgamation of French expertise and Indian sensibility,” says Bamalwa, belonging to Kolkata’s well-known jewelry family Nemichand Bamalwa & Sons.

Being privy to a host of luxury brands in Monaco, together with his regular visits to nearby Grasse (a town on the French Riviera), the mecca of perfume manufacturing in France, he channelized his exposure and experience to create unique fragrances.

“These are very European in look and smell but are just ideal for Indian weather conditions and suited to the evolving taste of millennials.”

In your opinion, what was the best part of studying at IUM?

The exposure to various nationalities, cultures, and backgrounds is definitely the best part of studying at IUM. There were more than 30 nationalities in my class, and we learned so much from each other. We shared ideas and thoughts, and new concepts were always welcomed and discussed by all.

Studying an MSc in Luxury Management surely enhanced my exposure to the luxury industry in every sector. At the beginning of the academic year, my goal was to explore and achieve as much as possible to transfer my knowledge to my future position in the luxury industry. But my MSc in Luxury Management journey changed my mind, and I started thinking that I could create and develop something new in the luxury sector.

What is the best business advice you’ve received? 

“Follow your passion” is the best advice I’ve received.  Also, “never forget your roots, and where you come from” is important. Finally, when you want to start your own business, you need to seek out opportunities that arise, and patience is definitely an asset.

Do you have any advice to share with young entrepreneurs?

Do not stick to one position or sector. Decide what you want to do or become. Always be open to new opportunities and possibilities. You never know in which sector you will turn successful. Reality may be better than what you dream, so never stop chasing your dream.

Where does your entrepreneurial spirit derive from?

I belong to a well-known jewelry family. Since I’m a child, I have always wanted to become a knowledgeable jeweler. My father was my inspiration since I saw him growing from nothing to a successful business person. Once I became a professional gemologist, I then started pursuing my dreams to create a global brand out of India, which would spread its wings across the world.

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Updated 30 September 2021