Double Degree with INSEEC Grande Ecole

Students in the MSc in International Management may choose the double degree option with the French Grande Ecole master degree delivered by INSEEC BUSINESS SCHOOL (IBS) in Paris or Bordeaux.

The specializations offered are Supply Chain and Purchasing, Strategic Marketing Management, or Wine and Spirits Management (in Bordeaux).

Students in the double degree option follow the regular courses at IUM in Monaco and move then to Paris or Bordeaux for an additional semester of courses at INSEEC BUSINESS SCHOOL completed by a thesis and an internship. All courses are taught in English.

Candidates to the double degree option are selected on the basis of academic results and motivation; please note that additional tuition fees are attached to the double degree (please refer to the Fees page).

Upon successful completion of the double degree program students will obtain the degree of Master of Science in International Management from IUM and the French state Grande Ecole graduate degree from IBS.


Strategic Marketing Management (Paris)

Major Strategic Marketing Management features a core strategic marketing module, an innovation marketing module, a brand management module, and a digital marketing module. During your studies you will develop a knowledge and understanding of marketing processes and procedures, including marketing engineering, marketing planning and strategy, marketing communications and brand portfolio building, digital marketing, and e-commerce.
Major Strategic Marketing Management lecturers bring industry experience to the classroom, and content will be delivered through lectures, seminars, self-study, and analysis of case studies. Group projects will be used to ensure you are exposed to the complexities of real-world business problems. Through the courses you will develop both a critical view of the literature and an understanding of how the theories apply to practical marketing problems. Together this provides you with a solid basis for a creative execution of theories and principles in your marketing career.

Supply Chain and Purchasing (Paris)

During the past years, the world economy has gone through a series of turmoil. Business is now global and in this context, companies must adapt their strategies to face tougher and global competition, and keep their business profitable. Without question, purchasing and supply chain are the key drivers in the operational field to support companies to develop new strategies, gain market shares, and improve their margins.
This major will provide students with the understanding of supply chain and purchasing management in an international and global environment. The course will focus on examining the processes of organizations in purchasing and supply chain, sourcing and outsourcing, supplier relationships management, negotiations, forecasting, capacity planning, quality and inventory management.
In addition students will also review the regulatory aspects of international trade, the management of contracts, financial issues, corporate social responsibility and how to work in a cross cultural environment.

Wine and Spirits (in Bordeaux)

Wine is certainly a current media object. It means history and terroir, culture and Epicurus. The economics of the wine are growing (267 million bottles sold with a turnover of nearly 107 billion US$). In France, the wine is the second largest sector of exports behind aeronautics. These figures also weighed in terms of jobs (300 000 jobs), all difficult to relocate. Today, wine sector represents a real laboratory of globalization. The rise of the emerging countries on this market (Argentina, USA, South-Africa, Chili, China, Hungary, Bulgaria, etc.), both in terms of production and consumption, is emblematic of this. More recently, in all greater financial places, wine has become one of the most traded “alternative assets”. Also this sector generates a wide variety of job (merchants, brokers, financial investment advisors, marketers, logisticians, and consulting business…). This stringent academic and professional worldwide training prepares students for this diversity of functions and other job opportunities (agri-food sector and luxury business).