Financial Aids: IUM scholarship


The IUM Graduate Merit-based scholarship is available to assist you in funding your studies. When granted, the amount may range from €5,000 to €8,000.

The IUM Graduate Merit-based scholarship will be awarded to applicants who show outstanding academic achievement, extraordinary leadership potential, and a significant contribution to the mission of the University.

Students will be considered for a scholarship award ONLY after receipt of:

The Scholarship Committee reviews applications on a regular basis, therefore you are invited to apply as soon as possible. For any program start the latest scholarship application deadline is 12 weeks prior to the start of the program.

Please be aware that all IUM program acceptance criteria are based on merit and we do not take your financial situation into account when making the admission decisions.

A University degree program is a substantial investment that needs to be carefully evaluated. To help assess the financial obligations required to attend IUM you must first acquaint yourself with the program tuition and fees and an estimate of living expenses. While the Office of Admissions will do its best to assist you in meeting your financial needs, the responsibility of financing your degree ultimately lies with you.

Finally note that some of the best financing options available to prospective students may also be found in their country of origin or residence.

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