Everything you need to know about the job of E-reputation manager: missions, training, salary

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Currently, the importance of the presence on the web is such that companies rely heavily on it to grow. However, this web presence must be combined with a positive online reputation to truly hope for development. The creation and improvement of these two elements are entrusted to an individual: the e-reputation manager.

Wearing several hats, the e-reputation manager plays a very important role. Therefore, he must have certain skills and qualities to fulfill his role. By joining theInternational University of Monaco, students can prepare for the job of e-reputation manager.

What does the job of E-reputation manager consist of?

The e-reputation manager can be considered as the head of communication on the web. His role is to improve and enhance the image of his client by using the web and social networks. In other words, the e-reputation manager is in charge of developing the online reputation or the digital notoriety of his client.

This professional can have different client profiles such as companies, brands or individuals.

What are the main missions of the E-reputation Manager?

The missions of the e-reputation manager are diverse and varied. These involve, for example:

  • the development of the image of a company, a brand or a product through the web;
  • the realization of a competitive and informational watch;
  • the creation and animation of virtual communities;
  • the creation of quality content;
  • operations aimed at ensuring the satisfaction of Internet users.

What training is required to become an E-reputation Manager?

Some candidates become e-reputation managers after having learned the job as self-taught. However, in order to hope to obtain a place in large companies, it is necessary to have a specific degree such as :

  • a degree in marketing ;
  • a degree in information and communication sciences;
  • a degree in political science.

In general, companies require candidates to have a bachelor’s degree, or even a bachelor’s degree in web design. Equivalent degrees in the field of marketing are also accepted by companies.

To obtain this type of degree, the best solution is to follow a course of study in a business school. At theInternational University of Monaco, students have several programs that lead to these degrees.

Students who want to train as an e-reputation manager have two choices of curriculum, namely:

What is the salary of an E-reputation Manager?

In general, the average salary of an e-reputation manager is between 2200 and 3300 euros. Of course, this salary varies according to several factors.

For this position, the main factors that define the salary are:

  • experience;
  • the size of the company that employs the e-reputation manager;
  • the geographical area where the e-reputation manager is active.

It is also important to know that the salary of this professional also increases according to his or her responsibilities.

What are the possible career paths of the E-reputation Manager?

The job of e-reputation manager offers many opportunities for career development, provided you meet the required conditions. Among these different possibilities of evolution is the passage towards the position of :

  • community manager ;
  • trainer or consultant in e-reputation ;
  • digital strategy manager;
  • web project manager .

Thanks to his or her skills, an e-reputation manager can even be considered for the position of marketing or communication manager.

What are the essential skills to succeed as an E-Reputation Manager?

Due to the development of digital technology, the position of e-reputation manager is one of the most strategic positions within companies. As a result, the position requires key skills and personal qualities to perform the role.

As for the essential skills for the position, an e-reputation manager must master :

  • the web environment and especially social networks;
  • communication techniques, including digital communication techniques ;
  • web writing techniques ;
  • the mechanics of search marketing (SEM) and search engineoptimization (SEO);
  • Principles and techniques of data analysis;
  • the different regulations and legal obligations related to copyright or image rights.

The training courses offered by theInternational University of Monaco allow aspiring e-reputation managers to acquire some of these essential skills.

As for the personal qualities required by the position, an e-reputation manager must have :

  • Strong organizational skills;
  • a lot of creativity;
  • a sense of teamwork;
  • Relational skills.
Updated 14 September 2023