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A Master in Finance can change it all!

I am regularly asked what the benefits of doing a Master in Finance are. Sometimes, students that have had some serious exposure to finance during their undergraduate studies feel it may not be necessary for them to pursue further their education to have a career in Finance.

Looking at the evolutions of the financial industry over the past 15 years I have developed some perspective on why any person serious about a career in Finance should pursue a related Master’s degree:

  • The industry remains ultra-competitive. Having a serious foundation in finance is necessary but it is not enough. You must hone your technical skills and further develop your critical thinking.
  • While many undergraduate programs provide very appropriate theoretical background, a good MSc in Finance will focus on applied knowledge that can be used professionally.
  • The finance industry offers a large array of careers. There is such variety of functions and jobs requiring all kinds of skill sets and appealing to very different personalities. The career services of an MSc in Finance will help you identify the sectors that are right for you and will fine tune a strategy to maximize your chances to get there.
  • Msc in Finance programs expose students to a wide array of firms and professionals. Through these exposures, students can learn the specific cultures of the industry. They can adopt the codes and behavioral traits which are expected.
  • MSc in Finance programs can be a fantastic way to grow your professional network and establish links that will jumpstart your career. The extra maturity and skillset gained during your master studies allow to establish much more quality links with the industry players than you would have as an undergraduate students.

Of course, in order to reap the benefits of an MSc in Finance program, you must choose a program that fits you well… and that will deliver on each aspect discussed above!

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By Gregory Moscato, MSc in Finance Program Director

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Updated 30 September 2021