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Discover the IUM’s MSc in Finance, a high-level degree that will enable you to develop a recognized expertise in the financial markets.

What is an MSc in Finance? 

Short for Master of Science, the MSc is a higher diploma offered by many business and management schools. It is accessible after a bachelor’s degree. Like traditional Masters degrees, Masters of Science degrees are awarded high-level degrees but have the distinctive feature of preparing students for careers with a strong international focus. Combining theoretical and practical teachings, this type of course offers a wide range of career opportunities, depending on the field studied.

An MSc in Finance is an excellent option for candidates looking to start a career in this exciting and challenging sector.

What is the program of an MSc in Finance?

Finance is an attractive field, but it’s also a competitive and intense sector that requires solid skills. Choosing an MSc in Finance allows you to develop your expertise and knowledge of the financial markets in a dynamic environment. It’s an ideal course for those who want to start a career in corporate finance or banking but also for students who want to work in wealth management or investment.

Depending on their chosen specialization, MSc Finance students can take the following courses:

  • Private banking;
  • Hedge funds & private equity;
  • Investment banking;
  • Venture capital.

They will also learn about corporate finance, macroeconomics, statistics and financial analysis, accounting, and risk management. These classes will give them a comprehensive overview of finance-related professions.

What careers can you consider after an MSc in Finance?

The opportunities in finance are as numerous as they are varied. If you choose a full MSc in Finance, you will have a wide range of career opportunities in companies, financial institutions, family offices, asset and investment management companies, and wealth management boutiques.

After completing your MSc in Finance, you could consider the following positions in particular: 

  • Administrative manager ;
  • Portfolio manager
  • Tax and legal advisor
  • Financial advisor ;
  • Asset manager ;
  • Investment advisor ;
  • Banker ;
  • Accountant ;
  • Auditor ;
  • Financial analyst ; 
  • Project manager ;
  • Property investment manager ;
  • Financial manager ;
  • Managing director.

Does the IUM offer an MSc in Finance?

The IUM offers an MSc in Finance aimed at graduates with a 3 or 4-year degree in finance, economics, or a related field. The course lasts for 16 months and provides training in the main areas of finance in Monaco. The IUM is the only establishment that prepares finance professionals for the various compulsory and official certifications required to work in the sector in the Principality.

As well as developing your expertise, the IUM’s MSc Finance enables you to improve your personal skills and stand out from other candidates.

During your MSc in Finance, you will be asked to choose one of the following specializations:

Former students of the IUM MSc Finance hold positions in Monaco or abroad with companies and institutions such as:

  • BNP Paribas ;
  • Barclays ;
  • Crédit Suisse ;
  • JP Morgan ;
  • Edmond de Rothschild ;
  • GFG Monaco ;
  • Tyrus Capital ;
  • Société Générale Private Banking.

For more information, you can consult our website: www.monaco.edu. 
Feel free to also contact the Admissions Team directly at admissions@monaco.edu

Updated 3 May 2024