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A DBA (doctor of business administration degree) is one of the most advanced degrees available to those in business.

So, why should you consider earning a DBA? Here are five good reasons that this degree is worth the investment.

Bolstered Credibility

Earning a doctoral degree gives students a new perspective on the business world, earning them more credibility in their field among their peers, potential employers, and the business industry.

A DBA is laser-focused and designed to make graduates an authority on their chosen subject. Not only do you hone your skills in research, writing, and presentation, but also the specialized research you conduct gives you in-depth knowledge, expands your credibility, and positions you as a thought leader.

I found it important to ground my knowledge in a structured and academic way and came the desire to pursue further education at the doctoral level. For me, expertise and knowledge represent a high value which will be enhanced with my DBA.

 Matthieu Mielet

current DBA candidate

Also, as the researched problemic should resolve a managerial issue you have encountered, your DBA Project will provide your company with a valuable piece of research and consultancy tailored specifically to its needs.

Stimulates your Intellectual Expertise

Continual growth is necessary to business success, and a DBA degree is an excellent way to fuel that growth.

The program will enable you to apply the most advanced academic research findings along with the “hands-on” experience of experts to complex management practice. All this in the context of a disruptive, ever-changing world.

With a DBA, you will take a step back from your ongoing professional activities to research a specific managerial situation/problematic you encounter at work.

Your professors and fellow students form a collaborative community, and the IUM community will help you make the best use of these resources in your learning.

I’m a life-long learner, and I’m inquisitive. Therefore, pursuing a doctorate degree always was part of my vision and path of continuous self-improvement. Doing my own studies and lecturing at business schools in luxury management, besides my profession as a consultant, already contributed to satisfying my intellectual curiosity. However, I wanted to deepen my academic knowledge on luxury and digital strategies to position myself as an expert further and transfer my research into the business environment directly. Besides, I sought to take a step outside the business world and reflect upon questions that would not find space in the daily environment,”

Julia Riedmeier

current DBA candidate

 Open multiple career paths

This education not only identifies you as an expert in your field but also results in a tangible set of management and decision-making skills that may qualify you for senior-level leadership positions and new career opportunities.

A DBA will prepare you to lead in business, government, education, non-profit, and healthcare industries with a thorough understanding of these sectors’ challenges and the practical skills required to meet those challenges.

In short, earning a DBA does not teach you theories and best practices; it positions you to create the principles of business that others will learn and put into practice.

You are an innovative problem-solver capable of generating new knowledge and ideas. It also opens the doors to opportunities within academia and academic research.

Greater Opportunities for Promotion

A doctoral degree could be the tipping point in your favor when considered for your next promotion.

Earning your DBA requires advanced research skills and sharpened business acumen, and it taps into superior decision-making skills. These newly acquired proficiencies make you a better candidate for promotions and job openings.

Many companies require senior management professionals to hold advanced degrees, and an increasing number of entry-level positions require candidates to hold a master’s degree. Thus, if you must have an advanced degree to get your foot in the door, a terminal degree like the DBA is likely to be necessary if you want to advance in that company.

A higher salary

Employers know that advanced degrees come with higher salary requirements because of the increased value degree-holders bring to the organization. Six-figure salaries are the norm in larger companies, and even smaller companies will pay more to a DBA degree holder than they would to someone with a lower degree.

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Updated 29 September 2021