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Do you want to enter a rewarding profession that is practically always recruiting and that pays well? You want to work in the international field and participate in the conservation of the planet and all its resources? Getting started in sustainability management is an excellent alternative to achieve your goals. But what is sustainable development management ? That’s what you will discover in this article.

In summary:

Management of sustainable development:

  • Is a fairly recent branch, but very popular worldwide.
  • Is an answer to the different environmental problems existing nowadays.
  • Based on environmental, social and economic considerations.
  • Can be studied at an international business school.
  • Is implemented through the establishment of specific departments, standards, rules and procedures within a company and/or organization.

What is sustainable development?

Sustainable development means a positive change in the current state or situation of a place, project and/or sector. Unlike conventional development, sustainable development is much slower and its effects take longer to be felt.

That said, development often involves sacrifices and risks for the environment and the future of humanity. Sustainable development, on the other hand, aims to consider environmental, social and economic parameters in all actions and projects.

The goal of sustainable development is to preserve and even improve the current environment for future generations.

What is sustainable development management?

Sustainable development management consists of managing all activities in such a way as to allow the preservation of the planet and its resources. One of the objectives of its establishment is also to ensure the well-being of humanity through many practices.

Sustainable development management is based on environmental, social and economic aspects. Each of these sectors must make progress without hindering the progress of other sectors. This may take longer than traditional management, but is more secure and sustainable.

How can sustainable development management be implemented in companies and organizations?

Programs, policies, procedures, regulations and standards are generally in place in all companies today. Many organizations working for the environment and humanity also respect them to ensure the application of sustainable development management within their organization.

In a company, there is normally one or more departments in charge of enforcing all these elements that have been put in place to make them more efficient. This is usually the QHSE (Quality, Health, Safety and Environment) department. One of the policies that must be respected is that of CSR (Environmental and Social Responsibility).

It is normally the QHSE department or other departments dedicated to the respect of the environment and humanity that is in charge of writing the procedures. Many points are considered during this drafting process and include:

  • Respect for gender equality and equal opportunity in recruitment;
  • the implementation of good practices in favor of ecology and the environment;
  • a more sustainable management of the company’s and/or organization’s economy;
  • an environmental and social impact study of each of the company’s projects.

What are the challenges and opportunities of sustainability management?

On the one hand, sustainable development management faces many challenges:

  • the first is to respect the environment as much as possible despite the technological advances. The objective here is to preserve the available natural resources as much as possible and to rehabilitate the original natural environment if possible, especially in the context of a project ;
  • sustainable development management promotes equality between men and women in the face of opportunities. They can be related to education, training and access to a position within a company;
  • The establishment of peace between countries through collaboration and partnership is also a major challenge of sustainable development management.

On the other hand, there are many professional opportunities in the management of sustainable development, because this rather recent concept leads to many projects in vogue, including carbon credit, green energy and blue energy.

How to train in sustainable development management?

If you want to train in sustainable development management, it is advisable to join an international business school like IUM. You can first train in classical management before getting into sustainable development.

For example, you can choose to do an MSc International Management and then specialize in sustainable development management. To learn more about your available options, visit the FAQ section of the school’s website.

Updated 14 September 2023