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Offered by business and management schools, MBAs are attracting a growing number of applicants and enable them to develop a wider range of professional skills. In this article, find out about the advantages of this kind of training and the reasons why you might want to take an MBA at the IUM.

What is an MBA?

Short for Master of Business Administration, the MBA is a higher education qualification from the Anglo-Saxon education system. It is recognized throughout the world and is aimed at candidates from a wide range of sectors and backgrounds. These candidates already have solid professional experience and join an MBA program to acquire new managerial skills or to deepen their knowledge in a particular field.

Why should you get an MBA ?

The MBA is a fantastic opportunity for candidates to boost their careers actively. Designed to develop their managerial skills and help them progress to stimulating management positions, it enables them to deepen their knowledge in the most essential areas of business management. An MBA includes a variety of courses in marketing, finance, management, accounting, and human resources.

The MBA is aimed at professionals who wish to progress in their field, but it is also ideal for people who are changing careers. This type of training welcomes students from a wide range of backgrounds. It is even common for people with scientific or engineering backgrounds to undertake an MBA, as the course allows them to add new strings to their bow and acquire new skills that they can easily use in their profession.

What are the advantages of doing an MBA?

If you are looking to boost your career, an MBA seems to be the best option for you. Exciting and internationally recognized MBA courses can also be adapted to your professional needs, allowing you to consider new career prospects at your very own pace.

In international program

Born in the United States, the MBA is now well-established in Europe and is gaining in popularity. Like other business school programs, it is resolutely open to the world and internationally oriented. This makes it an attractive choice since once you have completed it, you can easily consider careers and positions in prestigious companies all around the world.

Most MBA programs are taught exclusively in English. This is also the case for the IUM MBA. Attracting many international students, our MBA is a multicultural meeting place, making your training a unique opportunity for sharing and learning.

Un cursus généraliste et riche

MBAs are demanding courses, but they are also exciting because they are not limited to a particular field. During your MBA, you will deepen your knowledge in management, business, human resources or even finance. Above all, you’ll develop all the essential operational skills required to consider management positions.

This is the true benefit of MBA programs since they effectively prepare you for the most varied situations and give you the keys to providing innovative solutions.

Go at your own rhythm

As mentioned above, IUM’s MBA is aimed at candidates with solid professional experience. But is it possible to continue working during your MBA, or do you have to put your job on hold for the duration of the course? Both options can be considered at IUM. You can take the MBA full-time. In this case, the course lasts for 10 months and takes place on the Monaco campus, allowing you to make the best out of the Monaco experience. You can also opt for a part-time online MBA, which will last for 20 months and will allow you to keep on working.

Why should you choose IUM’s MBA?

Joining the IUM MBA gives you the chance to learn in a multicultural environment that encourages experience. During the course, students have to adapt to real situations and concrete cases in order to develop their expertise effectively. This is achieved through consultancy projects carried out in companies. These are opportunities for you to propose solutions to company directors, formulate strategic recommendations, and take part in their decision-making processes.

Throughout your studies, you will be coached and will develop both professional and interpersonal skills. Finally, by studying and living in Monaco, you will acquire significant expertise in promising fields such as luxury management, entrepreneurship, innovation, and wealth management.

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Updated 3 May 2024