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We recently met with Marc Mohnsen, an MBA student from Germany. Marc is a part-time MBA student working as Senior Consultant at CENTUROS.

What is your favorite memory about IUM?

Every time the plane touched down in Nice coming from Germany, especially during the winter months, I knew another exciting week with the cohort would start!

Why have you decided to join the Monaco MBA? 

  • The University is AMBA accredited and ranks excellently in “The Economist Which MBA?”. The program focuses on Retail (my former Job) and Finance (my current Job).
  • Monaco has an incredibly global community and a melting pot for international people. The networking opportunities are then significant!

What are the strengths of the MBA program you graduated from? 

  • The great cohort from all over the world with exciting work and private backgrounds is one of the strengths.
  • Also, the two-year program gives full-time workers time to learn more efficiently while keeping up with the pace of the courses and the program. 

What were your expectations at the beginning of the MBA program? 

  • I wanted interactive learning possibilities with ways to connect to professors outside of school hours to discuss face-to-face content because participation was not possible throughout the daytime due to a full-time job. 
  • I was also expecting a lot from the masterclass weeks. I enjoyed learning from the guest speakers invited during them.

You were a part-time MBA student because you were working while studying for the MBA – Would you say your MBA journey positively impacted your career path? 

Indeed! – I was able to switch career paths within the program and started in a highly competitive industry (Distressed M&A Advisory) – Here, the content of different courses but also especially the support from faculty were crucial in making such a transition possible – By far the most essential and most remarkable outcome of the Two-year program! 

What accomplishment are you most proud of? 

  • I’m proud to have been able to be a valued member of the cohort especially participating in almost all the presentation assignments while not being present in person.
  • I’ve met exciting people and am confident that connections will last far beyond my time at IUM!

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Updated 14 July 2023