Why should you consider a career in Sustainability and Innovation?

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Why consider a career in sustainable development?

Symptomatic of the era of profound changes we are experiencing, the global awareness and need for ecological action are becoming very apparent, particularly among young students. They feel directly concerned by the environmental, social and economic challenges of sustainable development and are committed to a positive transformation of our societies.

Businesses, governments and industries are also at the forefront of this paradigm shift, as they dictate the innovation and transformations of tomorrow. Hence, sustainable development seems to be a promising sector for ambitious and enthusiastic young people who want to have a job that is in line with their values. A career in this field allows for both professional and personal fulfilment.

Why does IUM combine innovation and sustainable development in the same course?

Over the last few years, students have shown a growing interest in sustainability and many of them wish to act positively for this cause. However, the transition to a fairer economic model that meets societal and environmental requirements is complex and commitment alone is not enough to change the dynamics of production and consumption. It is therefore essential that students are also made aware of the strategic challenges of innovation in regards to sustainable development.

It is with this goal in mind that IUM has designed the MSc in Sustainability and Innovation Management. This course taught on the Monaco campus is aimed at students who wish to combine environmental concerns with efficient business management knowledge. By following this course, they will develop the skills and qualities required for implementing ambitious and high-impact changes in leading sustainable development companies.

The Master’s program focuses on energy, environmental and mobility technologies.

What to expect from the Sustainability and Innovation Management Master’s program at IUM?

This 16-month course combines theoretical knowledge, lectures and professional immersion. It is accessible after a Bachelor’s degree and welcomes students from all over the world who wish to fully enjoy the Monegasque learning experience.

The first semester, from September to December, allows students to acquire essential knowledge on sustainable development, but also to develop their transversal managerial skills.

Then, between January and June, they will learn more about innovation as a key component of sustainable development and they will learn about entrepreneurship and Business Transformation.

Finally, the Capstone Project from July to December will allow them to put their acquired skills to good use in a professional environment, through an internship or an immersion in a sustainable company. Students also work on a thesis or an applied project.

How do I know if the IUM MSc program in Sustainability and Innovation Management is right for me?

The MSc in Sustainability and Innovation Management offers a unique opportunity for students to combine managerial expertise with personal convictions. It allows them to develop essential skills and interpersonal qualities that will prove useful during their careers. Furthermore, it gives real keys to young people wishing to act and have a tangible impact on their societies. Trained to adapt and respond to the challenges of tomorrow, they will become actors of change on an international scale.

The IUM is also a partner of the Monaco Ocean Protection Challenge, a competition that encourages the ideation and creativity of young entrepreneurs who are passionate about saving the oceans. This initiative is a concrete example of implementing change within the field of sustainability and innovation.

Are you considering a career in consulting, management or entrepreneurship related to sustainable business transformation? 

Join IUM’s MSc in Sustainability and Innovation Management and explore inventive solutions to make this world greener and more sustainable!

For more information, you can consult our website: www.monaco.edu. 
Feel free to also contact the Admissions Team directly at admissions@monaco.edu

Updated 26 June 2023