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We recently met with Josefine SKASETH, Bachelor’s first-year student in the Business Management track. She’s from Norway and started IUM last January.

Why did you choose IUM?

I chose IUM because of the networking opportunities provided by the university, the multicultural environment, and the university’s location. Monaco is a business hub, and when attending IUM, you can connect through global/local businesses and get a feel for the principality’s entrepreneurial spirit.

What are the strongest features of the Bachelor program, in your opinion?

The strongest feature of the bachelor program is the interdisciplinary and flexible curriculum, together with IUM´s emphasis on experiential learning. The hands-on practice helps us master various business methods and acquire critical thinking skills.

Did you integrate into the IUM community easily? If yes, any tips for future students?

As part of a small January intake, my class quickly formed a strong bond. However, as the January intake is usually smaller, integrating with the rest of the university can be more challenging. My greatest advice is, therefore, to join a club and participate in the social events arranged by the student association.

How do you feel leaving in France? Any funny moment to share?

Living on the French Riviera has always been a dream of mine, being able to attend lectures and then afterward take a swim in the Mediterranean ocean. However, I must say that the culture shock has been quite big. For example, in the beginning, I found myself going to the grocery store during the evenings, out of habit, only to find out that they close as early as 19 here!

Where did you grow up, and what did it mean to you? What does Monaco mean to you?

I grew up in a small suburban town in Norway. Norway means a lot to me as I genuinely enjoy living in Scandinavia. Moving to Monaco was spontaneous, as I wanted to challenge myself and broaden my perspective. I had no connection to Monaco and knew little about the country. However, it has grown to become a place I truly enjoy. To me, Monaco is an entrepreneurial and luxurious country full of opportunities.

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Updated 13 December 2022