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Ali Irfan

We recently met with Ali Irfan, an MSc in Sports Business Management student from Pakistan/Canada. 

Why did you choose IUM and the MSc in Sports Business Management?

I chose IUM over other options like Loughborough University and Emlyon Business School because it offered something unique. While Loughborough University might have been more beneficial for my career, I valued the standout factor of IUM on my resume.

Also, the opportunity of doing an internship is also a good reason. An internship prepares you for the future and helps enhance your CV since most companies seek work experience.

The decision to pursue the MSc in Sports Business Management comes from my experience in volunteering at the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar. Indeed, this competition exposed me to the business side of sports, an aspect I never explored before despite my background in playing sports.

What are the strengths of the MSc in Sports Business program?

The main strengths of this program are the connections offered to students through professors, guest speakers, and networking events. This network allows us to talk to people from the sports industry. If you’re into motorsports, this program is really helpful because you get to learn from important figures in that field.

Also, the MSc in Sports Business program is international: students come from all around the world, which adds to the learning experience.

What do you like the most in your IUM journey?

Firstly, the professors in this program bring real-world insights into the classroom. Many professors have been working for organizations such as World Athletics, the International Olympics Committee, F1, to name a few.

This program also offers the opportunity to visit another country to enhance the experience for students. Indeed, in February, my classmates and I had an exciting trip planned to Switzerland. During our visit, we explored significant locations in the sports industry, including the Olympic headquarters.

On a personal level, exposure to diverse cultural backgrounds has significantly boosted my confidence. Working on group projects taught me how to deal with different types of people. It also made me better at solving problems and thinking critically.

To what extent is sport an important part of your life?

Since childhood, I’ve been deeply involved in sports, finding greater enjoyment in it than in any other activities. Its blend of elements like meeting diverse people and experiencing various cultures makes it unique. I engage in sports actively, whether through physical participation or watching.

What do you wish to do after IUM?

After completing my studies at IUM, I would like to have a career in the media/broadcasting side of sports. Since the world of social media has become so significant in terms of content creation, I would be interested in pursuing it.

What is the best business advice you’ve received?

Don’t delay pursuing your ideas; you never know what might take off. Procrastination just wastes time and opportunities.

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Updated 4 March 2024