The MSc in Sport Business Management students benefit from SPORTEL+ eTALKS, recently launched by our partner SPORTEL.

SPORTEL, a leader in the organization of face-to-face events dedicated to sports media rights and new technologies, has created SPORTEL+ in the COVID context.

It is a new digital platform that offers enriching content, including eTALKS, which will complement SPORTEL’s face-to-face events to maintain a virtual link with its community.

“It’s a fantastic opportunity for our students to discuss evolving trends emerging through the disruptive covid 19 climate and beyond but also to e-meet business professionals that could be of great help for their future career, said Dr. Bertschy, Program Director.”

With its first digital panel on Thursday, March 11, 2021, students attended two different sessions:

The Shift in Sports Media Rights Strategies: How are strategies adapting to both the pandemic, the expected but dramatic growth of online content, and the fragmentation of markets? Has the bubble burst? Sports content owners, buyers, and distributors discussed strategies for negotiating rights in this pandemic climate and the keys to success.

New Streaming and Broadcast Strategies: Current trends and future broadcasting strategies have changed dramatically with the impact of COVID and the new technologies that now dominate the industry. While it is certain that TV channels will never disappear, traditional sports consumption is changing dramatically. Content owners sell their rights to broadcasters and increase their revenues by offering their programs directly to a new generation of connected viewers. They attract them through streaming platforms that provide more comprehensive and personalized content. Where will this strategy lead, and how will this model work? Will consumers be able and willing to pay for multi-packages to follow their favorite sports?

On April 8, 2021, they have participated in the following e-conferences:

ESPORTS & TRADITIONAL SPORTS:The first eTALKS panel dedicated to esports has highlighted the trend of crossover with communities from parallel and emerging ecosystems, such as esports with traditional sports. Our experts explained how this shift paves the way for new, mutually beneficial partnerships for content owners, broadcasters, brands, digital platforms, agencies, and data and technology providers, expanding audiences and opportunities as the lines between tradition and innovation blur.

OPPORTUNITIES IN ESPORTS FOR BROADCAST & PRODUCTION:New collaborations and best practices in cross-industry know-how are driving new creative channels for the production and distribution of (e)sport media content, which developed rapidly in the first months of the COVID-19 crisis. Esport has overtaken traditional sport as an entertainment medium for sports consumers, not only on streaming platforms but also on traditional TV channels hungry for content during the suspension of live sport to entertain fans.

Stay tuned! Two more eTALKS are planned shortly:

• 6 May 2021 – Sports Business Opportunities in the US

• 8 July 2021 – The Future of Sports Tech

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Updated 29 September 2021