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The Finance Society is the International University of Monaco’s premier professional, social, and academic organization devoted to the financial services industry.

A few months ago, Liam Armstrong and Andrea Prola decided to establish a Finance Society within the International University of Monaco.

This society’s main purpose is to educate its fellow members on finance fundamentals and fill the gap between professionals and students through guest-lectures and events.

In October, they have signed a partnership with Financial Networking Group – An organization with a strong financial community made up of students and professionals worldwide.

”Being part of FNG will give the opportunity to our members to network and participate in the growth of this institution,” said Liam and Andrea.

Throughout the semester, they have invited several guest speakers.

They have welcomed Afzal Hussein, former at Goldman Sachs Asset Management, James Orler, a financial consultant at KPMG GLD et Associés MonacoMarkus Schuller, Founder and Managing Partner of Panthera Solutions, and Sebastien Ambrosi, a London based Investment Banker with a solid experience in midcap M&A and Fundraise.

”We want this society to be both an internally and externally recognized institution. And we will do anything to achieve these objectives. We truly want to leave a lasting impression, which is the reason why we have adopted a long-term approach. Also in terms of the relationship between our members. We hope to create a powerful legacy between them that will last forever,” said Liam.

They have invited some IUM MSc in Finance Alumni who shared their insights about the industry with the current students and their tips on how to get well prepared for a career in finance.

”We understand that the business environment is competitive and volatile, so we are constantly improving to meet the growing demands of recruiters and employers of finance, along with fostering a tight-knit community of smart, passionate leaders, ” said Andrea.

They have also written a couple of weekly market summaries (covering three markets: United States, Europe, and Asia) and an article on the effect the US elections could have on the market, taking into account historical trends and data!

Last but not least, in November, they have organized an Investment Banking Virtual Trading Simulation hosted by “Amplifyme”, the same simulation used to train new graduate hires at Morgan Stanley, Bank of America, Credit Suisse, and Citi. Students could experience market-making and sales trading for an investment bank and work as a portfolio manager for an asset management firm to accelerate their future in finance.

We are looking forward to the Spring term agenda, which will be, for sure, as interesting as the Fall one!

In premier, here below are two events already planned:

  • Women in Finance to inspire and empower our female members which represent around 30% of the society’s body;
  • Algorithmic Trading with a hedge fund manager who will trade live, in front of us on campus.

Congrats Liam and Andrea!

If you would like more information about our MSc in Finance programplease look at our website.

Feel free to also contact the Admissions Team directly at admissions@monaco.edu

Updated 30 September 2021