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Tyra Jade Theus is from South Africa, and she is currently involved in the MSc in Marketing of Luxury Goods and Services Program. She is a very active member of the IUM Community as she is part of the Cheerleader Team, Finance Society, and Luxury Society.

Why did you engage yourself in the Charity Club?

Charitable deeds have always been a custom, a way of life for my family. Since I was a young girl, I’ve
always been involved in charity works: making sandwiches for the homeless and hungry, donating
toys, and even visiting soup kitchens with my grandma. As I grew older, charitable actions became second
nature for me. Personally, it’s a fitting club to engage with as I enjoy the sentiment that goes with helping
those in need.

What is the purpose of this club?

The purpose of The Charity Club is to extend a helping hand to those in need (e.g., the food drives).
It also encourages students towards a healthier lifestyle, with, for example, the anti-smoking and anti-drinking campaigns that are about to start. With that said, I think The Charity Club is concerned with alms-giving and promoting the welfare of the students.

Why do you think charity work is important in a university?

Charity work is essential for a university for the simple reason that such activities cultivate a sense of
community and mission while promoting public benefit.
Also, extra-curricular activities like volunteering can help students with time management and improve their emotional well-being.

Why have you chosen to study at IUM?

An MSc in Marketing of Luxury Goods & Services from IUM will provide me with the theoretical foundation and
support me in cultivating the networks needed towards achieving my international career aspirations and goals.

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Updated 12 January 2022