Everything you need to know about the Trader/Market Operator profession: duties, studies and salary

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The Trader/Market Operator is a key figure for a company’s financial development. As companies generally know, it’s a profession that is increasingly in demand. Discover the exciting profession of Trader/Market Operator.

Recently, the Trader/Market Operator profession is known for its recruitment and high salaries. For these reasons, this profession attracts a growing number of students, as well as professionals. However, what exactly does this profession involve, and what educational background is necessary to access it? In this article, we cover everything you need to know on the subject, from duties and studies to salary received.

In summary:

The Trader/Market Operator profession:

  • Is primarily related to the finance field
  • Is a key profession for any company, regardless of its sector of activity
  • Is increasingly in demand and offers an attractive salary
  • Involves buying and selling operations to increase capital
  • Is taught in international business schools like IUM

What does the Trader/Market operator profession entail?

In simplified terms, the Trader/Market Operator profession involves conducting buying and selling operations with the aim of increasing capital. However, these actions require specific analysis, great rigor, and precision. Many companies hire market operators to make the best investments and/or speculations.

Thus, the Trader/Market Operator profession involves many negotiations to carry out the most advantageous transactions for the company. For these reasons, the actions of the Trader/Market Operator directly impact the company’s capital, hence the importance of their position.

Why want to become a Trader/Market operator?

The reasons for wanting to become a Trader/Market Operator are numerous and vary from one person to another. Generally, it’s because:

  • It’s a stable profession and generally indispensable within a company
  • It recruits continuously and ensures you remain active
  • It allows you to improve your skills
  • It constantly challenges you
  • It is well remunerated, and the salary is often very high
  • It sharpens your analytical ability and your responsiveness

What studies are required to become a Trader/Market operator?

The skills and qualities required to become a Trader/Market Operator are numerous. Most of these are essential, so it’s particularly important to choose the right education. Among other things, you need to be comfortable with numbers, mathematics, and statistics. Thus, a curriculum in these areas can provide you with the necessary skills for such a position.

Excellent knowledge of finance is also required, as it is the main field in which you operate as a Trader/Market Operator. In the absence of choosing a finance curriculum, it is wise to acquire training in this area through specialization.

Due to the complexity of the Trader/Market Operator tasks, it’s ideal to have a Master’s degree before applying. This can increase your chances of accessing the position. However, it’s still possible to enter this profession with a Bachelor’s or two years of higher education if you can prove you have the necessary skills. For this, you need to have at least some professional experience. In this field, experience can sometimes replace a few extra years of study, and some companies even make it a requirement.

What is the average salary of a Trader/Market operator?

The position of a Trader/Market Operator, essential within a company, is generally associated with a motivating remuneration. However, this remuneration mainly varies depending on your experience, performance, and seniority.

Early in your career, you can earn at least 3,000 euros gross per month as a Trader/Market Operator, not including bonuses. With more experience, your remuneration can increase to over 3,700 euros gross per month, in addition to bonuses.

What program to follow at IUM to become a Trader/Market operator?

Do you want to become a Trader/Market Operator? Join IUM and choose from the programs we offer as part of an MSc in Finance. We even give you the opportunity to choose among three specializations based on your preferences.

These specializations provide students with in-depth expertise in specific areas of finance and help prepare them for successful careers.

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Updated 2 May 2024