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Here below you can find the fundamental information regarding the merit-based scholarship offered by IUM:

  • You can apply for the scholarship once you’ve been admitted to the school (through the official email of confirmation). To do so, request the application form within 15 days of your admission. You can ask the admission manager you’re in contact with for the form, and it is mandatory to send it back filled out within 30 days of receiving it.
  • This is a merit-based scholarship, where family income is not considered among the evaluation criteria.
  • If awarded, the scholarship will cover a maximum of 10%-15% of the tuition fee.
  • It is not possible to receive a merit-based scholarship if you are already benefiting from another discount provided by the university.
  • There is a limited number of scholarships available and the deadline for submission is the start date of classes.

General criteria considered to award the scholarship include:

1. Quality of the application

  • Essay
  • Letter of recommendation
  • Supporting documentation
  • Completeness of application

2. Academics

  • Languages with corresponding levels
  •  Grades
  • School projects for which an award was received

3. Extracurricular activities

  • Club/society memberships
  • Volunteering / Charity
  • Media, blogging activities
  • Sports
  • Arts
  • Awards received (with proof)

4. Practical experiences

  •  Work experience
  • Entrepreneurship
  •  (International) background
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Updated 28 May 2024