What careers can be envisaged after studying luxury management ?

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Luxury management studies open the doors to many sectors focused on communication, marketing and retail. Based in the field of luxury, the training directly introduces students to the professional world. Discover the career opportunities after studying luxury management.

What job can I do after studying luxury management?

Luxury management trains students who are directly operational after the training. It is a flexible course that can be adapted to several professions. Trained students can easily find employment in the luxury tourism and hospitality industry. This training also opens the doors to the watchmaking, jewelry, fashion and haute couture industries. As this is a management course, it is possible for you to go into professions such as :

  • luxury product manager ;
  • merchandising manager ;
  • international buyer ;
  • luxury project manager ;
  • account manager ;
  • visual merchandiser ;
  • manager of luxury boutiques ;
  • luxury marketing assistant ;
  • luxury commercial attaché.

Why would you want to train in luxury management?

Luxury management consists of studying the marketing strategy and the implementation of a commercial action plan. In addition to being a complete training program, luxury management offers you the opportunity to develop your language skills. Indeed, learning a second language, which can be Spanish, Italian, German, Russian, Hebrew, Arabic or Chinese, is mandatory. In addition, the courses are taught by professionals in the sector in order to better guide the students.

Note that this training grants a diploma recognized at the international level.

What does the Master’s degree in luxury management at the IUM consist of?

The IUM was created in 2006 with the aim of training students in the luxury management sector. The Master’s degree in luxury management is a 16-month course including internship periods. This program also offers a Yachting Track and an Asia Track, thanks to a collaboration with the Monaco Yachting Cluster and the Luxury Business Institute Korea. In addition, teaching at the IUM includes study tours, a luxury symposium in Monaco and competitions, including the Business Plan Competition.

What are the specialties that can be chosen for the Master’s degree in luxury management at the IUM?

The master’s degree in luxury management opens the doors to several professions. To do this, you can choose between three specializations within the IUM.

Fashion and accessories

The master in fashion and accessories is a training program oriented towards the luxury retail sector. Its function is to prepare students to develop innovative solutions in line with the fashion and distribution environment.

Hotels and events

The Master’s degree in Hospitality and Event Management aims to train students to enter the luxury services industry. This training combines theoretical courses and practical experiences to simulate a professional environment. It also allows students to develop their creativity around branding and marketing strategies.

Brand management

The master in brand management consists of studying the high-end market. It focuses on the interaction of the luxury industry with the economic, cultural and technological environments. The latter also focuses on the characteristics of today’s consumers with respect to high-end goods and services.

What are the admission requirements for the IUM Master’s in Luxury Management?

To enter the IUM’s Master’s degree in luxury management, a university diploma of bac+3 or bac+4 as well as proof of proficiency in English are required. In addition to the documents required for registration, providing a letter of recommendation is an asset, but not required. As for the admission process, it is done through an individual interview, telephone and video call.

What opportunities are available after a master’s degree in luxury management?

The master’s degree in luxury management can be adapted to different professions. However, marketing manager, product manager and brand manager positions are particularly sought after.

The marketing manager is a job that focuses on the development of commercial strategies. The product manager determines a product launch strategy and organizes the advertising efforts. In turn, the brand manager shapes the brand’s image and develops commercial strategies that correspond to the target market.

After a master’s degree in luxury management, it is possible to learn about the new trendy professions related to digital marketing and luxury concierge services.



Updated 3 May 2024