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Why is business education a valuable investment?

Because business is everywhere and woven into every aspect of our lives. Because no matter what your career goal is – advancing or changing your current career, starting your own business, or helping those in need – business school can get you there faster. It builds skillsets that can be used across any industry and function.

  • Business school is all about putting theory into practice. This makes it an opportunity to do much more than scratch the surface of a new area of business. Instead, you will gain invaluable insight into how it works in the real world through case studies, simulations, and even live projects, giving you the specialist knowledge and practical experience you need.
  • “Business school can also be a logical next step for aspiring entrepreneurs,” said Sophie de Lorenzo, Career & Corporate Relations Director at IUM. If you’re interested in bringing your own product or business idea to life, a business program might be the launching pad you need to reinforce your ambition with a well-rounded understanding of the business principles that ultimately make a new venture a success.
  • Considering a career overseas? Attending business school abroad might be the perfect way to gain the international experience and local market insights you need. Additionally, if you aspire to work for a multinational company, the global experience you’ll gain through your studies abroad will be an excellent addition to your resume.
  • You can nurture your networking skills. Learning with a like-minded group of individuals is an invaluable experience, and these peers and professors will frequently be the ones who can help you achieve your goals down the road.

Why should you think about getting a business degree at IUM?

Careers change. Industries change. The world changes. With the programs at IUM, you’ll not only keep pace with that change — you’ll drive it.

  • MULTI-CULTURAL ENVIRONMENT: 80+ different nationalities represented in the student body and faculty. We are a melting pot of ideas, energy, and influences. Richly diverse, vibrant, and connected experiences are guaranteed.

The global environment is the best part of studying at IUM. There are students from all over the world that you meet and work with every day. This makes it much easier to understand the differences and similarities of different cultures and countries.

Gaurav Talokar, Indian,

MSc in Finance, 2021

  • NETWORK: You’ll build an international network of accomplished, inspiring colleagues that will continue to sustain you, long after your final class.

IUM gave me the opportunity to increase my networking all around the world. It gave me the opportunity to meet brilliant people that I wouldn’t have met if I was not at this university.

Estelle Vincenti, French

MSc in Luxury Management 2019

  • MONACO EXPERIENCE: Location is everything. The strength we draw from the cultural diversity and dynamism of Monaco sets us apart from other schools. We offer unparalleled access to successful businesses, who work right on our doorstep.

Monaco is an incredible place to study business. It is basically the meeting point for so many successful business people, and through IUM, I got to meet people I know will be in my network for many years.

Signe Nielsen, Danish,

MSc in International Management 2017

  • ENTREPRENEURIAL SPIRIT: Learn to grow and scale your idea with successful business professionals.

IUM developed my entrepreneurial mindset in a multicultural and dynamic environment which has been essential for managing my company. Small classes allow for a personal relationship with the professors, who I am still in contact with today!

Andrea Ferraro, Italian,

Monaco MBA 2017

  • HIGHLY QUALIFIED AND EXPERIENCED FACULTY: IUM’s faculty is the key to its success.

The professors at IUM are inspiring, skillful, and approachable. They know us personally and they have a lot of time for us. They’re more than happy to support us in any way they can.

Anna, Canadian,

BBA 2018

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Updated 15 November 2021