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Founded by the dynamic Finnish duo Karri Jokivartio & Mikael Louekoski.

Combining a passion for sailing and competitiveness were the main goals while creating the Club. We both felt like something was missing from the IUM. While walking past the Yacht Club Monaco, we realized that the missing part was a close thing from our past: sailing. The prestige of sailing itself and the Yacht Club Monaco was something we wanted to bring to IUM.

“Monaco is considered the Capital of Yachting, so we wanted to bring the opportunity to a handful of motivated students to be part of the yachting world.” – Karri Jokivartio.

The Team & Goals

IUM has brought our team together, representing nine different nationalities around Europe. The passion for sailing, the sea, and being part of a close community were the main goals while recruiting new members. We all share the same passions on and off the boat. The Sailing Club stays connected even in our free time while enjoying dinners and clubbing at Twiga when COVID-19 allows them to happen.

One goal is to get to the right level of sailing to be competitive at Regatta’s local sailing Regatta. The Winter Regatta and the Primo Cup are the sailing team’s primary goals in the upcoming winter season. Each member’s competitive nature is always present; hence, we are having unofficial races between each boat crew during each lesson. We enjoy each other company on the docks, but while on the sea, everyone is focused.

Events & Trips

A trip to Lake Como, Italy, is the Sailing Club’s most anticipated long weekend during this semester. We will collaborate with the local Yacht Club to get to know the other clubs and the exciting history behind them.

“Starting the Sailing legacy during the pandemic has required some effort but has been one of the most rewarding things during IUM so far” – Mikael Louekoski.


We are thankful to The Yacht Club Monaco for making The IUM Sailing Club possible. YCM has provided us the best possible sailing equipment and personal coaching. The Sailing Club considers all the necessary COVID-19 measures to ensure all sailors and Yacht Club Members’ safety. All team members are always wearing masks while sailing to ensure safety and ensure good hygiene.

Finally, we need to thank the Marine from the International University of Monaco and the Yacht Club de Monaco, especially Philippe Kin, for making the Sailing Team a possibility.

If you would like more information about our Programplease look at our website.

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Updated 29 September 2021