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This year’s Summer University took place from July 5 to July 17 on IUM’s premises.

The Summer University “Luxury Business and Communication in Monaco” is for university students willing to live an unforgettable summer in Monaco, improving their professional skills and global network.

Fifteen students from eleven different nationalities came to learn, to network but also to enjoy Monaco.

During these two weeks, they have learned about:

* Digital Luxury Communication Marketing

“In this class, students learned about the history of luxury, its influences, and the post-modern definition (that is in times where consumers are aware of and support LGBT rights, minority groups, and environmentally friendly products), how this affects communication, and traditional and digital marketing.

Students also learned about the importance of keeping an extraordinary in-shop experience, combined with digital tools. They applied theory through a day of research in Monaco’s luxury shops (mystery shopper).

Through this activity, they could evaluate how global brands combine digital and traditional customer experiences,” said Dr.Landaverde.

Note: Masks have been removed ONLY for the needs of the picture

* Cross-Cultural Communication

“I shared information on International Etiquette and Cross-cultural communication in business and the importance of soft skills and illustrated the information I shared with concrete examples in Monaco and the rest of the world.

The sessions were interactive with a dynamic conversational exchange with the students.

Amongst the topics presented, we covered first impressions, corporate entertaining, contractual negotiations, and the luxury industry,” explained Kathleen Jones.

* Luxury Marketing

Successfully managing and marketing products and services in the luxury segment requires a proper understanding of the specific characteristics of the luxury industry and luxury marketing.

The course “Luxury Marketing“ taught by Dr. Julia Riedmeier was all about providing an introduction to the fundamentals of luxury and the luxury marketing codes, especially regarding communication and distribution, just as giving an outlook into the future of luxury.

The Principality of Monaco offered the perfect place to immerse into this luxury brand spirit. A highlight of the course “Luxury Marketing” was the visit to the Ferrari dealership Scuderia Monte-Carlo. The fifteen students could experience the iconic luxury brand in a multisensory way and were inspired by Stéphane Gasperini, Marketing Manager, and Thomas Quicot, Experience Manager, about the brand’s unique myth, community, and marketing activities.


I loved the course as a whole. The Ferrari dealership trip was a completely eye-opening experience. It helped me expand my knowledge and perspective on exclusive brand’s thrive mechanisms in topics ranging from the classic “brand history” to the modern “media marketing”.

Patricio L Quezada Gutiérrez

from Mexico

When theory and practice blend, learnings turn into experiences, which will last forever.

highlighted Dr. Riedmeier

* Event Management in Luxury

Event management is a growing field, especially in the luxury industry.

Andrea Barbagelata taught students how to plan all aspects of these events that gather high-net-worth individuals (HNWI) and explain what challenges to expect during this course.

Practical exercises illustrated this course with, for instance, a visit to the Riva company, which privatizes the tunnel under the Prince’s Palace for unique events.

The Summer University at IUM was a new horizon for me and allowed me to learn new skills by spending time with people from all over the world,

Manon Delaire

from France

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Updated 28 September 2021