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Meet with Strahinja Stra Bojat, MSc in Luxury Management 2018

What have you done since you graduated from IUM?

I moved to London and started a career in the Luxury Retail Industry. At first, I started working as a Luxury Recruitment Consultant, and I realized that the roles I worked on were actually the ones I aspired for myself. I had the opportunity to join Louis Vuitton as a Client Advisor in a best-performing store in the whole EMEA
region. Within a year, I was promoted to a Team Lead / Senior Client advisor.

In your opinion, what are the key takeaways from the MSc in Luxury Management program you graduated from?
What really made a difference for me is that real professionals taught us, and we were doing real projects. Doing consultancy projects for top companies globally is something that students usually do not experience that often.

Would you say that your studies at IUM helped you in your different positions?
If yes, how?
The knowledge and expertise that I acquired at IUM really set me apart from the competition at work. I specialized in Luxury Retail Management, and the Program gave me a 360-degree perspective of Store Management, which contributed to my top-level performance.

What advice would you give your younger self?
Certain things in life take time and cannot be rushed. Enjoy the process and surround yourself with lovely people!

Favorite memory about IUM?
I am really grateful for all the amazing people I have met while studying here. In addition to that, Gianni and his canteen obviously deserve an honorable mention! 🙂

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Updated 28 September 2021