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Meet with Hugo Chapuis, an enthusiastic French new student in the Bachelor program

Why did you choose to study for a business degree?

I chose to do a business school for multiple reasons.

First of all, a business degree offers many possible careers. It prepares us for a broad number of jobs. Employment is also relatively stable and favorable for business graduates compared to other majors.

I was also keen on studying abroad. IUM allows us to study as an exchange student for one or two terms.

The chance to undertake to carry projects convinced me as well. Business schools offer lively, fun, and interactive courses, which is an additional advantage.

Finally, the quality of education and the dynamism of the student life offer additional assets. It is essential to feel accompanied and supported when studying. Here, we are offered this support. The teachers are helpful and available for advice.

Why is IUM the best choice for you?

I particularly chose IUM for its international environment. It’s fantastic to evolve every day with people from so many different cultures!

Also, the school offers many professional possibilities because the Principality is a dynamic, innovative territory that employs many people in the business area.

Finally, the importance IUM puts on teaching “soft skills” also pushed me to study there. These competencies are crucial to differentiate ourselves in today’s job market.

What do you expect to learn during your studies?

I want to improve my knowledge in economics, marketing, advertising, IT, etc.

I also hope to develop my sense of communication and entrepreneurship.

Personally, I also have the ambition to become completely bilingual because I am not a native speaker.

But above all, I hope to improve my interpersonal skills. As I said previously, this is what makes the difference today: confidence, time and stress management, creativity, empathy are all essential qualities for the careers that we want to lead by coming to the IUM.

What is your dream career goal?

Personally and as a big sports enthusiast, my goal is to work in a sport association or federation (like a football club or FIFA, UEFA, FFF).

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Updated 28 September 2021